July 9, 2011

New Guy on the Blog

Hel­lo Guys,
Scro­tusKilmys­tr (“Joe” for short) here, If you haven’t noticed my com­ments float­ing about the Blog I tend to have an opin­ion for everyone’s posts. So The Sound­man broke down and asked me to write an arti­cle here and there. I will apol­o­gize in advance for my lack of gram­mar skills, but I will endeav­or to per­se­vere in improv­ing upon it.
My back­ground is main­ly in the tech sup­port field in hard­ware and soft­ware sup­port but for fun I also work in retail (that was a joke retail is nev­er fun!). My gam­ing back­ground is long I’m an old­er gamer and have been so since I found out you could plug some­thing into your TV and con­trol the out­come!  I am pri­mar­i­ly a con­sole gamer but start­ed as a PC gamer back in the day until Halo: com­bat evolved came around and changed my views on FPSs, at the time I lived for Unre­al Tour­na­ment!
So every­one if you have any sug­ges­tions, leads, com­ments, crit­i­cisms please be gen­tle and email me at scrotuskilmystr@thegamersblog.com


  1. CharcoalCoyote - July 9, 2011 4:57 pm

    Good to final­ly have you on the team, Scro­tus! Wel­come to the fam­bi­ly.

  2. zero_19 - July 11, 2011 2:40 pm

    Look for­ward to read­ing what you’ve got.


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