July 9, 2011

“Our Recon Drone Will Find Those Imperial Dwarfnuts”

Last Tues­day, a group called BlackMonkeys.de released a mod for Call of Duty 4 on PC enti­tled “Galac­tic War­fare”.  This mod turns the orig­i­nal Call of Duty 4 Mul­ti­play­er into a Star Wars shoot­er, pit­ting the Rebels against the Storm Troop­ers. There are sev­er­al maps on Tatooine, one in the Cloud City of Bespin, and one map called “Not A Cave” (You can prob­a­bly guess where it takes place.) Any­way, let’s take a spin through this Ger­man-made prod­uct. You know the Ger­mans always make good stuff!

^This guy would­n’t lie to you. I own mul­ti­ple ShamWow!s.
First off, I will start by say­ing that this mod is not for the tech­no­log­i­cal­ly impaired, nor is it for those of you who like to give up on things that frus­trate you. It is most DEFINITELY not for those of you who get sick of click­ing through Computer>C Drive>Program Files (x86)>Steam>SteamApps>Common>call of duty 4 a lot. Once you down­load and install or rein­stall the game (I’m guess­ing many of you prob­a­bly haven’t played this title in a while if you own it), you’ll need to man­u­al­ly update punk­buster. Alleged­ly there’s a .exe installer for this mod, but I could­n’t find it, so I just went with the .zip file. You put the con­tents of the “mods” fold­er into the Call of Duty 4 “mods” fold­er, and just drag the usermaps fold­er into the direc­to­ry. It is impor­tant to note that you can NOT launch the game through Steam and play this mod. You must nav­i­gate the above-men­tioned treach­er­ous path and launch direct­ly from the .exe, or else the mods will not work. You’ll be nav­i­gat­ing some long dis­tances. Short­cuts will not help you. Do not attempt to make the Kessel Run in 12 par­secs.

You’ll also need a man­u­al update of Punk­Buster from www.evenbalance.com before you can play. No big­gie. Now, hear comes the thing that almost makes my head spin. Galac­tic War­fare servers don’t show up in the game list. You have to search for them (gamem­o­n­i­tor or else­where), then open the con­sole and type /connect, fol­lowed by tedious­ly copy­ing the IP. (Side note- you should hit back­space a few times before you type /connect. Don’t ask why, just do it.) You could con­nect through Xfire or a sim­i­lar pro­gram if you don’t have a Steam copy of the game, but many peo­ple do because it is fre­quent­ly on sale.
So, you’ve done all this work to appease this mod. You’ve man­u­al­ly screwed with every­thing, resist­ed the urge to just give up and play a dif­fer­ent shoot­er, and are final­ly (man­u­al­ly) con­nect­ing to a serv­er. What do you get?

You get a face-full of AWESOME. This is one of the most bril­liant mods I’ve ever played for any game. Grant­ed, it’s a tad com­plex and bug­gy at the moment, but that does­n’t take away from the sol­id win that this game is. It solves one of the great­est imbal­ancers of Call of Duty 4- the lev­el­ing sys­tem. A Stormtroop­er is a Stormtroop­er, and may choose from the basic stan­dard-issue blasters. There are only 4 Blue Perks and 4 Yel­low Perks to choose from, which also solves anoth­er great imbal­anc­ing prob­lem. The game­play is nice and tac­ti­cal, and there’s always an answer to what the ene­my team is doing.
The stan­dard fare of CoD game­types is here, along with one new “Very Impor­tant Droid” game­type, in which one play­er on a team is an R2 droid, which must be escort­ed to an area on the map. You play him in third per­son, so you can peek around cor­ners more eas­i­ly. He has a few meth­ods of defend­ing him­self, but for the most part needs an escort. Team Death­match, Search and Destroy, and all the oth­er favorites play just like they used to, only with blasters instead of guns, Stormtroop­ers instead of Spet­snaz, and enter­tain­ing game­play instead of lev­el grind­ing.
Apart from the afore­men­tioned com­pli­ca­tions, I only see two prob­lems with this game as it cur­rent­ly is, both of which are eas­i­ly fixed. One, I’m hav­ing trou­ble load­ing maps on map change, and it locks up pret­ty hard. That might be just me, but it’s still an annoying/crippling bug which may be trou­bling many would-be play­ers. Two, the mod just does­n’t have a big com­mu­ni­ty yet, so it’s miss­ing some of the things that will make it great. Play­ing this mod would be even more fun in a scrim-type set­ting, or at least with some hearty voice chat (nobody uses voice chat? What is this mad­ness?).
So what’s my final judge­ment? This looks like a great mod to hop on. I can real­ly see it tak­ing off, and the poten­tial for mas­sive hip­ster cred once the mod gets big a com­mu­ni­ty that will grow with the mod can­not be denied. So, if you’ve got a pur­chased copy of Mod­ern War­fare lying around, go ahead and install it. This mod is a lot of fun.


  1. zero_19 - July 11, 2011 2:51 pm

    Sounds pret­ty cool, but yea, that’s a headache just to play a mod.

  2. ARKaMAN - July 16, 2011 11:27 am

    It took me about 60seconds to install this mod.


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