July 14, 2011

3DS Netflix goes live today.….

If you need a rea­son to dust off you 3DS and give it some love, Nin­ten­do has your anti-sta­t­ic cloth in hand. The Net­flix app that was dis­cussed at last year’s E3 went live today on the3DS’s E‑Shop. A bevy of con­tent will be avail­able as well as 3D movies that don’t require you to look like a hip­ster with those funky glass­es. The parental con­trols on Net­flix will work on the 3DS appli­ca­tion as well as the 3DS parental con­trols will keep your rug rats from expe­ri­enc­ing any­thing not age appro­pri­ate or from them wit­ness­ing the bevy of crap movies and shows avail­able on the ser­vice and scar­ing them for life (Glee needs destroyed!). I am one excit­ed to down­load this app. If I can have the 3D ver­sion of Tron Lega­cy avail­able to me on the portable I will be in heav­en, plus it will make work more tol­er­a­ble (not this job, this is the fun job). The only prob­lem I can see would be the bat­tery life suck­ing hor­ri­bly due to the 3D being used while the WI-FI is stream­ing. The app is set up a lot like the PS3 app and my whole instant queue is there, I had to try the app out with my favorite Futu­ra­ma episode (as seen below). The app is great and I can see using this a lot while I am typ­ing arti­cles or on the go at an air­port. Hope­ful­ly this will entice more peo­ple to pick up the hand­held that have won me over (OoT FTW!). Any­one else excit­ed that the 3DS fea­tures are final­ly com­ing to fruition?


  1. thsoundman - July 14, 2011 6:01 pm

    I’m curi­ous how many peo­ple actu­al­ly use this fea­ture. The rea­son I say this is that the screen is so small. I’ve got movies on my Ipod and my Droid Evo yet I nev­er use the abil­i­ty. I actu­al­ly have net­flix on my phone and the video qual­i­ty is… so so… that being said most peo­ple that have a TV that has net­flix on it or a PC that has a much big­ger mon­i­tor? IS there a time where this would be prefer­able to the oth­er? I’m just not see­ing the use.
    If your trav­el­ing I could see it but then you’d have no ISP and most sec­tions that I would want this on my phone I would­n’t be able to because I would­n’t have any recep­tion.

  2. ScrotusKilmystr - July 14, 2011 6:29 pm

    hey we could all go to McDon­ald’s with our 3DS’s and have a portable 3D movie par­ty with Ronald Mc. and the Fry guys.…well beca­sue they have free wire­less and well… I like the Mcnuggets.….
    Any­way this is intrest­ing to see for sure makes me won­der if Hulu+ will be next

  3. CABXYZ - July 14, 2011 8:14 pm

    Sit­ting in air­ports and some bus­es and planes now have WI-FI as well. For me the best use has been sit­ting it on the cra­dle off to the side of my com­put­er and watch/listen to some­thing as I post. I could see it maybe sit­ting on my bed­side table when I can’t sleep. Its free and some­thing I would­n’t pay anthing extra for, but it could be great for the insom­ni­ac or the weary trav­el­er.


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