July 14, 2011

For some reason stat tracking needs tested.….

If any­one signed up for the Call of Duty Elite beta, the first wave of emails are being sent out today for you to start test­ing their new stat track­ing ser­vice CoD: Elite. I real­ly didn’t know you need­ed to test a stat track­ing ser­vice; Bungie had no prob­lem imple­ment­ing the same ser­vice in 2007 with Halo 3. But for all you CoD fans out there you will need the email and your copy of Black Ops, fun­ny how they are test­ing a fea­ture in a Tre­yarch devel­oped game yet it will be imple­ment­ed into IW’s MW2.5 MW3. I do believe Activi­sion is the one imple­ment­ing this but I just find it fun­ny since Tre­yarch and Infin­i­ty Ward are just the best of pals (rolling sar­casm). If any­one dies get a chance to try this out let us know and how the ser­vice com­pares to oth­er ser­vices like this already in exis­tence. Now this por­tion of Elite will be free, just to cor­rect any­thing that has been over heard in the uproar. The month­ly fee por­tion still has yet to be shown out­side of ear­ly access to their already over­priced map packs ($15 for 5 maps that have no edit options out­side of game type is absurd). Now please don’t get us wrong, we here at TGB do enjoy CoD now and again, real­ly haven’t had a great time with one since CoD 2, but the re-skinned game design and com­mu­ni­ty of scream­ing 12 year olds is what keeps me away. Black Ops had a mun­dane, gener­ic, and schiz­o­phrenic cam­paign but what I did play of the mul­ti­play­er (until I reached lev­el 20 some­thing and became bored) was fun while it last­ed. So grab your copy of Black Ops, hope you got an email, and test that num­ber sys­tem away. Again, if any­one is test­ing this please, let us know you opin­ion in the com­ments.

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