July 19, 2011

Thought of the Week: More than games, building sites and communites.….

Sor­ry this is late but let’s get to the thought of the week for last week, this week’s will be on time. This week’s thought is in ret­ro­spect of CoD: Elite going into beta this past week. We have come to an age where games are more than just “games”. I hate the word “games” because this indus­try is so much more than that. These fran­chis­es that were cre­at­ed are dig­i­tal empires, cre­at­ing unique social groups that des­ig­nate them­selves in a much larg­er com­mu­ni­ty all brought togeth­er under a sin­gle ban­ner. Clan tags are our call signs and CoD, Halo, or what have you being our flag that we uni­fy under. These com­mu­ni­ties thrive because of great sup­port from their over­lords, the devel­op­ers. Bungie cre­at­ed Bungie.net to show per­son­al stats, map activ­i­ty in the form of heat maps, a place to share and upload pic­tures, videos, maps, and game vari­a­tions cre­at­ed in Forge, and as a social site to talk all things Halo. Halo Way­point on the 360 was devel­oped to include some of those fea­tures and to show videos of new con­tent and vid docs. MMO’s are liv­ing com­mu­ni­ties were con­stant inter­ac­tion is required to keep that com­mu­ni­ty going. Recent­ly I have been giv­ing Forza 3 more of my time (yet I have had it since its release just have not had the time to real­ly sit down with it, DAMN YOU OUTSIDE WORLD!) but I have put time, instead of rac­ing, into tak­ing pic­tures to post on my store­front. The store­front in Forza 3 is a lot like Bungie.net fea­tures in Halo. You can upload videos, pic­tures; sell car designs, cars, and car set ups. The main game does some­thing to get you involved with your store­front and the com­mu­ni­ty. The fea­ture was intro­duced in Forza 2, the cars you buy and acquire only resale in the game for 500CR (the games cur­ren­cy). No mat­ter if you have a 350,000CR Lam­borgh­i­ni or a 12,000CR Chevy, they all resale for peanuts. They did this to include you in the Forza com­mu­ni­ty and put the car up for sale/auction on your store­front. Bungie does some­thing sim­i­lar with com­mu­ni­ty cre­at­ed maps (built in Forge) and insert­ing them into the mul­ti­play­er hop­per. There are games out there that try to build com­mu­ni­ties and hav­ing great rela­tions with play­ers, play­er to play­er rela­tions vary depend­ing on the douche lev­el of that said play­er (tried play­ing my first League of Leg­ends game the oth­er day and found a hard back­lash for being a noob). So what games do you find as being more than a game? What com­mu­ni­ties are you a part of? Holy dis­cus­sion Bat­man, to the com­ments!
All of the pho­tos were tak­en by me in Halo: Reach and Forza 3.
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