July 25, 2011

New FPS Coming Exclusively to PC — Hard Reset

A new stu­dio has entered the FPS mar­ket and is devel­op­ing a new FPS exclu­sive­ly for the PC.  The game is clas­si­fied as a dark sci-fi FPS,  Hard reset takes place on a world where human­i­ty is on the verge of extic­tion after being occu­pied by robitic forces.  Sim­i­lar to that of the matrix or per­haps I robot.  Play­ers take on the per­sona of a com­bat vet­er­an Major Feltch­er and defend human­i­ty’s last remain­ing city called Bezoar.   There aren’t many oth­er details to go on at this time but we will bring them to you as they become more prevalant 
This is news indeed con­sid­er­ing that very few titles now days are plat­form spe­cif­ic and few­er still are PC plat­form exclu­sives.  I have to say, per­son­al­ly, I am hap­py to see a com­pa­ny devel­op a game exclu­siv­ly for the PC as the PC plat­form has been great­ly neglect­ed with the enor­mous suc­cess of the PS3 and Xbox 360.  While details are scarce, the avail­able screen shots look impres­sive and hope­ful­ly they can bring a good SP sto­ry to boot. 
It’s a rough mar­ket out there for devel­op­ers, espe­cial­ly devel­op­ers who are plat­form and PC spe­cif­ic and with big hit­ter titles such as Call of Duty, Bat­tle­field, Half-Life, Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2 it’s going to be an uphill bat­tle but that does­n’t mean they can’t be suc­cess­ful.  A few years back a unknown com­pa­ny, CD Pro­jekt, showed up on the scene with it’s extreme­ly suc­cess­ful title ‘The Witch­er’ and sold over a mil­lion copies and it’s sequel has just as well if not bet­ter and is now sched­uled for a mul­ti-plat­form release. 
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  1. CharcoalCoyote - July 25, 2011 1:15 am

    I would love to see this game suc­ceed, and the solu­tion seems sim­ple, but it’s eas­i­er said than done.
    They real­ly need to run with this “PC Exclu­sive” Ball, but I’m wor­ried that they’ll go about it the wrong way. Good graph­ics aren’t going to get it any­where with Cry­sis 2 out on the mar­ket. Excel­lent­ly bal­anced game­play will be nice, but it won’t be enough to sell it to a com­mu­ni­ty that’s already hooked on oth­er shoot­ers. Even a good sto­ry, some­thing that’s so miss­ing in the games of this gen­er­a­tion, might make it a clas­sic, but it still won’t be a con­tender.
    The key to suc­cess in the PC game is the poten­tial for mod­i­fi­ca­tion. Look at the shoot­ers he men­tioned that were “big con­tenders”. Call of Duty, Bat­tle­field, and Half Life are all games with a num­ber of mods big enough to have their own com­mu­ni­ty. Counter Strike IS a mod with its own com­mu­ni­ty (one of the largest in PC gam­ing, might I add.) Team Fortress 2 is a stand­alone game that took its con­cept from a mod. PC gamers are PC gamers not because they val­ue high pow­ered graph­ics (and def­i­nite­ly not because they val­ue reli­a­bil­i­ty), but because they enjoy doing things their own way. If Hard Reset is going to suc­ceed, they need to put out an edit­ing kit, or at the very least leave the back door open.


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