July 27, 2011

Review: Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team

You play as one of four Space Marines in this twin stick arcade style action shoot­er, on mis­sion to stop an Ork Krooz­er trav­el­ing to an Impe­r­i­al Forge World before it can invade. You are a Space Marine. All of your bat­tle broth­ers are depend­ing on you to ful­fill your mis­sion. Do you have what it takes?

Class­es con­sist of two ranged types: Stern­guard Vet­er­an & Tech Marine, and two close quar­ter or melee types: Librar­i­an & Van­guard Vet­er­an. Each have three weapon load outs (two which must be unlocked), two slots for “perks” (most of which must also be unlocked) and a spe­cial abil­i­ty that is unique to each Marines.
This is a DLC title so it is on the cheap (about $9.99 or 800 msp). It has five cam­paign lev­els and five sur­vival lev­els (kind of like horde mode) that can both be played sin­gle play­er or local two play­er co-op. It also sports leader­boards, play­er stats and a cool codex detail­ing all the ene­mies you come across dur­ing the course of the game. This is a sort of a pre­quel to the upcom­ing Warham­mer 40k Space Marines game releas­ing lat­er this year so play­ing through the first lev­el unlocks a unique sword usable in Space Marines.
Game­play is hec­tic and fun with each class deal­ing death in its own unique way. At times it seemed like over one-hun­dred ene­mies would attack you at once but I could be wrong. Shoot­ing or slash­ing through waves of ene­mies can be huge­ly sat­is­fy­ing and also a chal­lenge. The lev­el design was engag­ing and seem­ing­ly true to the art style of the Warham­mer 40k Uni­verse.
There were some tech­ni­cal issue for exam­ple, When large amounts of ene­mies where on-screen the game did seem to lag slight­ly, although it could have been the aging hard­ware of my Xbox that was the cause. Light­ing was an issue as well, being too dark prompt­ing my swift death due to not see­ing my foes, eas­i­ly fixed with the bright­ness con­trol how­ev­er. The biggest issue was, as with most games of this type, the fixed cam­era some­times putting your view in the worst of van­tage points but, most of the time it was man­age­able.
All in all this was about three to four hours of mind­less fun and dis­trac­tion where if you had a bad day, killing a few thou­sand Orks may make you feel a lit­tle bet­ter!
+ Visu­als true to the Warham­mer 40k uni­verse
+ Vari­ety of com­bat styles and options
+ Plen­ty of things to destroy and kill
— Light­ing to dark at times
— Lag issue when large amounts on ene­mies on-screen at once
— Local co-op mode only (would be nice to play over XBL or the PSN)
Final score: 7/10 lots of fun


  1. AceOfNades69 - July 27, 2011 3:10 pm

    I think this will be a good tran­si­tion into Space Marine.

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