July 28, 2011

Video Awesomeness: Comic Con 2011 Edition

This week’s Video Awe­some­ness will be all things Com­ic Con or at least some trail­ers that debuted there. Com­ic Con or SDCC for the A.D.D. crowd descend­ed on San Diego last Thurs­day and for three days was a total ner­da­palooza for all thing Geeky from comics to movies and yes video games here’s a few that caught my atten­tion…
One of My most antic­i­pat­ed sequels releas­ing in Octo­ber is Bat­man: Arkham City! The first game, Bat­man: Arkham Asy­lum was incred­i­bly addic­tive with hack-n-slash com­bat mixed with some lite RPG ele­ments and an engag­ing sto­ry, it was tru­ly hard to stop play­ing. Arkham City adds an open world envi­ron­ment to the mix and looks to be even bet­ter.

This next game is from Sil­i­con Knights who brought us a game that was in devel­op­ment for 10 years, Too Human. It was a great game based in the future with huge emphases on Viking mythol­o­gy. This game did have its issues (Valkyries any­one?) but fun none the less.
Well X‑men: Des­tiny is com­ing out in Sep­tem­ber and only took about two years to make I hope this game is good being that I’ve been a fan of the X‑men comics for­ev­er.

Next is anoth­er Bat­man game…sort of. Being released by Mono­lith the mak­ers of the ultra-bloody F.E.A.R. & F.E.A.R. 2 also Tron 2.0 from back in the day, all of which were real­ly good. So here’s hop­ing Bat­man Imposters is just as good.
Releas­ing some­time next year as a DLC title it looks to be in the veins of Team Fortress 2 and Mon­day Night Com­bat

The last few games have had the “hero” vibe with you being most­ly good to one extent or anoth­er. This next game has an anti-hero, a man bent on aveng­ing the death of his fam­i­ly. Being devel­oped by Rad­i­cal games under the evil known only as Activi­son. They released pro­to­type a few years back and it had a great sto­ry, open world envi­ron­ment But mechan­i­cal­ly was broken…except for the vehi­cle con­trols I won­der if they will fix that in Pro­to­type 2?

These are only a few that caught me eye but I was going for a theme and these trail­ers topped my list! So what were your favorites? How do you guys thinks these games will do? Com­ment and be heard!
And Here’s anoth­er SDCC video for a game I won’t even men­tion because this footage speaks for itself!

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  1. AceOfNades69 - July 28, 2011 3:33 pm

    I am look­ing for­ward to Gotham City Imposters. Looks like hours of fun.


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