August 3, 2011

PC Better for Indie Developers Than Xbox Live?

Our friends a Zeboyd games are Indie Devel­op­ers, and as such they have a lim­it­ed bud­get, it is very impor­tant for them to choose the plat­form that best suits their needs and that will turn them the quick­est returns.  With the over­whelm­ing suc­cess of con­soles in today gam­ing mar­ket one would assume that devel­op­ing on a con­sole would be the cor­rect route to go.  But is this real­ly the case?  Does going to con­sole exclu­sive or con­sole first then PC real­ly bring you more mon­ey?  Zeboyd had a very inter­est­ing state­ment on their site.:
“We are pleased to announce that Zeboyd Games has already made more rev­enue in less than a week on Steam than we have in over a year and a half on the XBox Live Indie Games ser­vice.”
Zeboyd made more mon­ey, in one week, then they did in an entire year on Xbox Live Arcade.  That’s quite a state­ment con­sid­er­ing how long their games have been on the mar­ket.  Does this mean that all devel­op­ers should go to the PC exclu­sive­ly?  Prob­a­bly not.  It does, how­ev­er, poke some holes in the com­mon assump­tion, one I’ve made myself from time to time, that con­soles are a fast dash to pay day.   It prob­a­bly also helps that Steam presents all of it’s new releas­es on it’s front page.  That’s great expo­sure as any­one who goes to Steams page will see the game right away.
I think this also has alot to do with the mar­ket they are tar­get­ing.  I think it could be real­is­ti­cal­ly argued that the RPG genre is most­ly a PC audi­ence.  Many of the ‘big hit­ter’ rpg titles start­ed on the PC and were exclu­sive­ly PC up until recent­ly. 
With many of the for­mer big PC play­ers leav­ing the PC mar­ket we are see­ing more and more Indie PC titles pop­ping up on steam.  Could this mean that PC is a bet­ter plat­form for them?  Per­haps.  Sales fig­ures and time will tell the true sto­ry.  In the case of Zeboyd games the con­clu­sion seems rather obvi­ous.  I

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  1. zero_19 - August 3, 2011 8:33 am

    I’d be inter­est­ed in see­ing if there is a trend there or not, I’m sure they are already look­ing at that very close­ly.


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