August 15, 2011

Bethesda Is Fixing Ugly Character Models

Bethes­da looks to be updat­ing it’s incred­i­bly ugly char­ac­ter mod­els in obliv­ion by crank­ing up the details.  The screens below show off some of those updat­ed mod­els.  It remains unclear if these are from the Xbox, PS3 or PC ver­sions.  We should get some com­par­i­son screen­shots the clos­er we get to release. 
An oth­er­wise bril­lant game, Obliv­ion had one major flaw that real­ly took away from the game and that was it’s char­ac­ter mod­els and ani­ma­tions.  From these screens and from the videos that we have seen thus far they look to have cor­rect­ed this rather glar­ing flaw in their prod­uct. 
Check out the screens videos Below below and judge for your­self!
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