August 16, 2011

10 Facts You May Not Know about World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

MMORPG. Mas­sive Mul­ti­play Online Role-play­ing Game. Just the name implies that a large amount of the pop­u­lace has or will play the game at some point in their lives. The largest and most pop­u­lar MMO is one all gamers (and most non-gamers) have heard of: World of War­craft. Cataclysm,the lat­est expan­sion to the online War­craft world, had the west­ern con­sumer spend­ing on sub­scrip­tion up to $1.4 bil­lion and had more than 11 mil­lion sub­scribers as of March, 2011. So, even if you are a die-hard con­sole gamer, the chance that you have at least dab­bled in the world of War­craft is extreme­ly high. Look­ing over your friend’s shoul­der still counts. An even high­er chance is that most gamers out there spend just as much time in Aze­roth as they do play­ing their con­soles. A good bet to take is that most of you know War­craft like the menu at Taco Bell. But do you know every­thing?
Here are some fun facts about World of War­craft the not even the vanil­la War­craft play­ers may know.
1. Humans make up 19% of all played char­ac­ters, which makes them the most played char­ac­ter, not the Blood Elves.
2. 20% of WoW play­ers are girls in real life. So put on the charm, boys.
3. Tau­rens weren’t meant to have mounts in the begin­ning. In the beta, they had an abil­i­ty called Plains Run­ning, which is now imple­ment­ed for the Wor­gens.
4. Because the For­sak­en are Undead Humans, at some point, they were able to com­mu­ni­cate with the Alliance.
5. War­locks orig­i­nal­ly had Shad­ow­form
6. The aver­age Amer­i­can WoW play­er spends 23+ hours per week play­ing WoW.
7. WoW play­ers com­plete 16.5 mil­lion quests and par­tic­i­pate in 3.5 mil­lion auc­tions per day.
8. To main­tain the serv­er side of WoW, Bliz­zard requires:

• 20,000 com­put­ers

• 1.3 pita-bytes of stor­age

• 75,000 CPU cores

• 5.5 mil­lion lines of code

• 2 mil­lion words of text

• upkeep costs $135,000 a day.

9. There is no World of War­craft in Japan.

Lord Marrowgar

Lord Mar­row­gar

10. In Chi­na, World of War­craft is cen­sored heav­i­ly. Due to cen­sor­ship laws, bones can­not be shown. Even Lord Mar­row­gar isn’t a skele­ton.
Ghoul US

Ghoul — US

Ghoul CN

Ghoul — Chi­na

Undead Gryphon — US

Undead Gryphon — Chi­na

There are many more fun facts where these came from. Please feel free to share your knowl­edge of the game with us!

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