September 9, 2011

Crysis Coming to XBL and the PSN!

PC gamers are going to shed a tear for this one but Cry­tek and EA announced on Sep­tem­ber 9th that the orig­i­nal Cry­sis will becom­ing to Xbox Live and PlaySta­tion Net­works for dig­i­tal down­load in Octo­ber. But don’t be too sad it’s only going to be an “enhanced and mod­i­fied” ver­sion of the sin­gle play­er cam­paign.
 Cry­tek will be using the new CryEngine 3 to remas­ter the graph­ics with new light­ing, effects and visu­al opti­miza­tions. Cry­tek also stat­ed that the con­trols for the Nanosuit will be opti­mized along with a fine tuned com­bat sys­tem and full stereo­scop­ic 3D sup­port for total immer­sion into the world of Cry­sis!
Cevat Yer­li CEO of Cry­tek said:
 “We are extreme­ly proud of what we were able to accom­plish with Cry­sis. We set out to cre­ate a next-gen­er­a­tion FPS and deliv­ered a PC expe­ri­ence that became a bench­mark for qual­i­ty – and still is for many gamers even four years lat­er. By bring­ing the sin­gle-play­er cam­paign to con­sole, we believe we are again set­ting a new stan­dard for qual­i­ty in down­load­able gam­ing.”
Back in 2007 when Cry­sis was released on the PC it was (and is still) used by many to bench­mark their rigs and see just how high the graph­ic set­tings could be set before their sys­tem would choke! The game was a graph­ic mas­ter­piece although the A.I. was a lit­tle on the short bus side the orig­i­nal Cry­sis was a clas­sic sand­box shoot­er with all the trim­mings that gar­nered a huge fol­low­ing and com­mu­ni­ty that still exists today.
Just incase you’ve lived under a rock for the last few years and nev­er heard of Cry­sis here’s the reader’s digest ver­sion of the plot:
In 2019 a team of Sci­en­tists makes a fright­en­ing dis­cov­ery on an island in the SouthChi­na Seas. All con­tact is lost with the team when the North Kore­an gov­ern­ment quar­an­tines the island. The US sends in a squad of elite Delta Force Oper­a­tives to recon the sit­u­a­tion. When ten­sion aris­es between the two nations a mas­sive alien ship reveals itself, pre­vi­ous­ly hid­den on the island. Now with all hope fad­ing, the two Nations must join forces to destroy the alien men­ace before it’s too late.
So for 1600 MSP on Xbox Live or $19.99 on the PlaySta­tion Net­work you can save the world that is Cry­sis on the con­soles. Not a bad price con­sid­er­ing that the full game sells for $29.99 on Steam and Ori­gin for dig­i­tal down­load on the PC.
For more infor­ma­tion check out these links:
So what’s your opin­ion? Is Cry­tek sell­ing out even more or what? Leave a com­ment and be heard!

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  1. IronJade - September 9, 2011 4:29 pm

    I did­n’t like it any­ways, graph­i­cal­ly, I pre­fer Unre­al Engine.


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