October 27, 2011

EA’s Origin gaining momentum

EA has announced they they will be get­ting some heavy third par­ty sup­port from major game com­pa­nies such as Warn­er Bros., THQ and Cap­com. Cur­rent­ly Ori­gin car­ries EA titles exclu­sive­ly, this part­ner­ship will put titles pub­lished by oth­er major com­pa­nies on Orig­in’s shelf. If your one of the few who actu­al­ly like Ori­gin then this like­ly excites you, how­ev­er this can only go one of two ways for the rest of us. Either EA will con­tin­ue to let Ori­gin be the sub par piece of trash that it is or this acqui­si­tion of titles pro­duced by oth­er major com­pa­nies, thus broad­en­ing its hori­zons, will moti­vate if not require EA to step it up and make Ori­gin a work­ing piece of soft­ware. Per­son­al­ly I detest Ori­gin, its glitchy, clunky and entire­ly uno­rig­i­nal, it basi­cal­ly copies Steam, almost exact­ly, the UI is real­ly the only dif­fer­ence between Ori­gin and Steam. Despite the fact that Im no fan of EA, the fact is they are huge and arent going any­where, and there is no deny­ing they pub­lish amaz­ing games. So lets hope that EA mak­ing more titles avail­able through Ori­gin will get them to fine tune and pol­ish it. At least they could put out a ver­sion that isnt a BETA ver­sion, I was actu­al­ly sur­prised when I updat­ed Ori­gin for BF3 only to find at the top of the win­dow “Ori­gin Beta”, its been long enough they should have a more pol­ished non beta ver­sion. So heres to hop­ing that offer­ing non EA titles will end up with EA being held account­able for Ori­gin and force them to real­ly fine tune it and make a shiny pro­gram that can appease us all. Also on a final note, lets hope this does­nt have any neg­a­tive effect on Steam and the deals/partnerships major com­pa­nies have with Steam.


  1. Billy - October 30, 2011 12:48 pm

    “If your one of the few who actu­al­ly
    like Ori­gin..”
    i under­stand.

  2. PimpmasterF - October 30, 2011 3:30 pm

    Yea, that was­n’t meant to be degrad­ing to any­one who does infact enjoy Ori­gin, I was sim­ply imply­ing that, for the most part, I don’t think the major­i­ty of users like ori­gin, whether it be because they pre­fer anoth­er ven­dor (EA has forced ori­gin on all BF3 play­ers), Orig­in’s glitchy nature or what­ev­er oth­er rea­sons.


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