November 3, 2011

Holiday Must Haves

So Christ­mas is just around the cor­ner and a lot of great games are hit­ting the shelves to cash in on the shop­ping fren­zy. So I put togeth­er a list of games that are a MUST! These games are what make gam­ing great and fun. They are the games that will be on every­one’s let­ters to San­ta. I give you the Hol­i­day Must Haves:
#10 Dead Island

So Hal­loween is over but zom­bies are fun all year long. First per­son shoot­er mixed with RPG ele­ments makes for a lot of game­play. Also four char­ac­ters to choose from and co-op modes allow for dif­fer­ent playthroughs mak­ing Dead Island a good mix of fun and blood.
#9 Gears of War 3

Gears of War helped launch Xbox in the ear­ly days and now the 3rd install­ment keeps us going. Great sto­ry and game­play gives us a new Gears expe­ri­ence with a famil­iar feel. New mul­ti­play­er modes and some fixed issues real­ly make Gears a game worth get­ting.
#8 Star Wars: The Old Repub­lic

Ok seri­ous­ly, why would­n’t you want this game? Star Wars fans have been beg­ging for this game since we heard the first rumors and now it is with­in our grasp. Be a Jedi, Sith, or Boun­ty Hunter?? Sign me up! BioWare has tak­en much time and care with this title and the videos we have seen so far look amaz­ing. If it can deliv­er we may have a new king of MMOs.
#7 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim will have all the best RPG ele­ments you could ask for. Mut­li­ple ways to cus­tomize class, armor, and weapons mixed with hours upon hours of game­play, this game will have you com­ing back for more. Prob­a­bly an instant clas­sic wait­ing to hap­pen.
#6 Super Mario 3D Land

Ok so I may catch some crap for this one. How­ev­er think about this: Any­thing Mario sells like crack in the gam­ing world and 3DS gamers have been wait­ing for their fix. 3D Land is going to be a HUGE Christ­mas sell­er and if you own a 3DS you have no excuse to not have it. It is after all the next Mario game! Nuff said.
#5 Call of Duty Mod­ern War­fare 3

I know what your think­ing, “MW3 only at 5??” To answer I say yes. If it added some­thing dif­fer­ent to the cam­paign than the usu­al I would rank it high­er. I would be stu­pid to not men­tion this jug­ger­naut of a game. Usu­al­ly always great graph­ics, gun­play, and most played mul­ti­play­er makes this anoth­er for sure record break­er. Sales for this game will be insane.
#4 Unchart­ed 3: Drake’s Decep­tion

Unchart­ed is anoth­er series of games that deliv­er a great prod­uct every­time. One of the bet­ter sto­ry­lines in a video game you will see. This game gives a good mix­ture of stealth and all out shoot outs. A good online com­po­nent rounds this game out to give a good gam­ing expe­ri­ence.
#3 Assas­s­in’s Creed: Rev­e­la­tions

Let me ask you this. When have you played a bad Assas­s­in’s Creed? Did­n’t think so. Rev­e­la­tions looks like it going to bring us more of what we love. More hid­den blade stabs, rooftop hop­ping, and hay­div­ing. I will say Assas­s­in’s Creed is on the verge of becom­ing a recy­cled prod­uct, mean­ing they aren’t giv­ing us much of any­thing new, but the sto­ry real­ly dri­ves this game. So I am will­ing to con­tin­ue that sto­ry.
#2 Bat­tle­field 3

Yes yes I put BF3 above MW3. Keep in mind we have seen they same thing with Call of Duty games. Bad Com­pa­ny was an off­shoot of Bat­tle­field. So this is the first true Bat­tle­field game we have seen in some­time and I thought it delieverd. A good cam­paign with a co-op fea­ture, anoth­er fun mul­ti­play­er, and tons of unlocks will keep your atten­tion for a while. Peo­ple have said this could knock off MW3.… far so good.
#1 Bat­man Arkham City

Ok if you can only have one game for Christ­mas, this is it. Arkham City has been get­ting 10 out­ta 10’s. It has been called the best game peri­od. I am usu­al­ly a big mul­ti­play­er guy but Bat­man BIF­F’d me right in the face. This game has every­thing. An open world and a fan­tas­tic sto­ry as well as your favorite voice actors for Bat­man and Joker.…possible game of the year.
Well that is my ten games that I think should be under the tree this year. Obvi­ous­ly you could re-arrange the list and it would still make sense and I know there are games that I did­n’t men­tion that will be great too. Even if I made a top 50 list I am sure some­one will think of a game not list­ed. Like I said from what I have seen so far with trends and what peo­ple are buy­ing or wait­ing for, these seem to be the big ones. Hope­ful­ly I get to unwrap a few of these myself.


  1. Technomancer - November 4, 2011 5:06 pm

    The Old Repub­lic makes my #1 slot!
    Already got my pre­order placed, now just wait­ing for info on when the head start will open 🙂

  2. RAY16 - November 4, 2011 11:12 pm

    Bat­tle­field 3 will prob­a­bly hold me over until some of the oth­er games I want drop in price a bit. Not to men­tion I have tons of oth­er stuff in my back­log to get to. When I do get around to spend­ing some more mon­ey on games I’ll prob­a­bly pick up Bat­man: Arkham City (PC Ver­sion) and Gears of War 3. Dead Island would be neat if my friends also got it but I have no desire to play it solo or with peo­ple I don’t real­ly know. I’ll pass on MW3 as I pre­fer BF3 for MP and I’m not in a rush to play through MW3’s sin­gle play­er.


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