November 12, 2011

Sony’s UMD passport program for Playstation Vita

Sony’s Playsta­tion Vita will release in the USFeb 22nd, about a cou­ple months after it releas­es inJapan. For those of you who already have it pre ordered and are plan­ning on hang­ing on to your old PSP for con­tin­ued use of your UMD’s Sony has a solu­tion for you. (how­ev­er bit­ter­sweet it may be). Sony has come up with the UMD pass­port which allows the user to use the PSP to reg­is­ter their UMD allow­ing them to then down­load the same game onto their PSVi­ta. A spe­cial appli­ca­tion will be avail­able in the PS store to down­load to the PSP which can be used to reg­is­ter a UMD game. While this may seem like a sweet deal that makes the users pri­or invest­ment last even longer there is a down side. The UMD pass­port comes with a catch, that’s right you guessed it, a fee. Essen­tial­ly reg­is­ter­ing your old UMD only allows you to buy the same game again at a dis­count­ed price.
The log­ic here does in fact make sense, as some­one buy­ing a PSVi­ta could bor­row all the UMD’s from a friend who isn’t get­ting the PSVi­ta, reg­is­ter them and then down­load to their new PSVi­ta, which they still could, but not for free. Prob­lem here is that not every UMD game is sup­port­ed, only about 200 at launch, and buy­ing the same game twice doesn’t real­ly make sense unless your going to trade your old PSP and all its games after you reg­is­ter them. Not to men­tion the fact that when you down­load a reg­is­tered UMD it wont be re-mas­tered so it will still play in its orig­i­nal low res­o­lu­tion, tex­tures, etc. so your real­ly just pay­ing extra for the abil­i­ty to play your already pur­chased games on the PSVi­ta, is it worth it? Pay­ing for a game you already own may be a dif­fi­cult thing to accept but one cant real­ly hate on Sony for imple­ment­ing a fee here either, I mean lets be hon­est, were all a bunch of liars.
Either way at least they aren’t leav­ing the PSP com­mu­ni­ty high and dry, they are at least giv­ing options here. Now all you have to decide is whether or not its worth it to car­ry around extra hard­ware, pay a few bucks for a down­load­able copy or sim­ply give up on PSP alto­geth­er and start fresh with the PSVi­ta.

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