2011 December

December 31, 2011

Old Republic: First Impressions

Bioware has always been one of my favorite com­pa­nies. They have pro­duced some of my favorite games, such as Drag­on Age: Ori­gins, Mass Effect 1 and 2, and final­ly Knights of the Old Repub­lic. I was skep­ti­cal when I heard that they were tak­ing their first stab at a MMO, but I was also very curi­ous to see how they would do such a thing. I quit play­ing World of War­craft about a year ago when Cata came out. I had been play­ing since vanil­la WoW. With that said, I obvi­ous­ly at least enjoyed one MMO in the past, although I haven’t explored many oth­ers. Hav­ing to pay a month­ly fee for a game sucks, and you game bet­ter be pret­ty good before I am going to invest that much mon­ey in to it. Now my very first impres­sion ofRead more…

December 31, 2011

XBL Underworld Awakening Sweepstakes

As you may know Xbox live holds all nighter events for cer­tain games. With the upcom­ing release of Under­world Awak­en­ing XBL will be giv­ing play­ers the oppor­tu­ni­ty to enter into a Under­world Awak­en­ing XBL all nighter sweep­stakes. The events will begin on Dec. 31st, first event on 12/31 will be BF3, 1/7 will be Halo: Com­bat Evolved Anniver­sary, and on 1/14 COD: MW3. While par­tak­ing in the events you can enter into the Under­world Awak­en­ing XBL all nighter sweep­stakes. The grand prize win­ner will get to fly with a guest to LA and attend a live tap­ing of G4’s Attack of the show. The win­ner will also receive an Xbox 360 slim, two pass­es to the movie Under­world Awak­en­ing, a copy of the Under­world Tril­o­gy: The Essen­tial Col­lec­tion, an Under­world Awak­en­ing Blu-Ray, an Under­world Awak­en­ing poster and 120,000 Microsoft points.Read more…

December 29, 2011

Myst coming to Nintendo 3DS

The high­ly pop­u­lar Adventure/Puzzle game Myst is being port­ed over to the Nin­ten­do 3DS and being giv­en a new look in 3D. The game has seen pre­vi­ous ports to the DS and PSP and the same devel­op­er that brought you those is cur­rent­ly work­ing on a 3DS port to make the game pop in 3D. As a bonus the devel­op­ers will be adding the RIME Age loca­tion from the revamp realMyst. For those of you who enjoy adventure/puzzle games such as this one should put this title down on your “want” list, the game is sched­uled to release on march 27, 2012.

December 28, 2011

Thoughts from the Dota 2 Beta

Hel­lo, every­one. It’s been a good while since my last post­ing. Again, same old excus­es- social life, col­lege finals, manda­to­ry hol­i­day fam­i­ly time, and all of that good stuff. How­ev­er, I’ve def­i­nite­ly not let my gam­ing slip. Far from it- I got the invite I had been pray­ing for, and have spent the last week or so enthralled with Dota 2. While I’m def­i­nite­ly not expe­ri­enced enough to put out a full review yet (not even con­sid­er­ing the fact that the game is still tech­ni­cal­ly in beta), I can sure­ly pro­vide some per­spec­tive for those of you wait­ing who haven’t received invites yet. Dota 2 is, unsur­pris­ing­ly, an incred­i­bly good and chal­leng­ing tac­ti­cal expe­ri­ence. It takes some dri­ve and desire to play, how­ev­er; for new­com­ers, DotA has always been more of a learn­ing cliff than a learn­ing curve. Dota 2Read more…

December 27, 2011

Microsoft to remove avatar guns from Xbox live marketplace

Have you been eye­balling that sweet lancer for your xbox avatar? Well you have until Jan 1st to get your fix. On Jan 1st Microsoft will be remov­ing all gun like items avail­able for your avatar from the mar­ket­place. In an attempt to be more “fam­i­ly friend­ly” Microsoft will imple­ment a new Xbox Live pol­i­cy that will put a stop to pur­chas­ing firearms for your avatar to rock out. We got­ta make sure our youth’s frag­ile lit­tle minds aren’t being warped by fake items from the uber vio­lent game they have been play­ing day in and day out. Any items pur­chased before Jan 1st wont be tak­en away so get it now while you can, you have 4 days to get your avatar a weapon from your favorite shoot­er.

December 26, 2011

Command & Conquer: Red Alert– an iOS Game Done Right.

Hard­core games are not hard to find on any smart­phone plat­form, Apple’s iOS includ­ed. With most of these titles, the hard­core gamer demo­graph­ic gen­er­al­ly has a uni­ver­sal com­plaint: con­trols. Shoot­ers, plat­form­ers, action games and RPGs all prove to be sub­stan­tial­ly more chal­leng­ing and off-putting because of the lack of tac­tile feed­back from a touch­screen inter­face. One game genre, how­ev­er, does­n’t have this hangup: Real Time Strat­e­gy. As a mat­ter of fact, RTS games seem tai­lor-made for a touch­screen inter­face. That being said, I was skep­ti­cal when I first saw an offi­cial Com­mand and Con­quer fran­chise port to iOS– and got even more ner­vous when it turned out to be an exten­sion of one of my favorite C&C series: Red Alert. Thank God I gave it a shot. Not often will I pay for an app of any kind, but afterRead more…

December 25, 2011

The Foxx is in!

The Gamers Blog invit­ed me to be their newest writer! My name is Foxx and I am a D20 Girl, I have been a gamer since I was a lit­tle crit­ter, start­ing with the orig­i­nal Nin­ten­do. I pri­mar­i­ly play on the PC but I also dab­ble in the 360. My favorite types of games are fps, rpg and rts in that order. I have par­tic­i­pat­ed in a few com­pe­ti­tions for Counter Strike: Source and attend­ed LANs like Intel LAN­fest. Oth­er than being an avid gamer, I love zom­bies, sci­ence fic­tion and fan­ta­sy. I have a huge col­lec­tion of books all with­in those three gen­res. I have dressed as Alice from Res­i­dent Evil, Zoey from Left 4 Dead and Anna Vale­ri­ous from Van Hels­ing among many oth­ers.   The D20 girls is a project involv­ing geek and gamer girls in theRead more…

December 22, 2011

Steam Holiday Sale

In case any­one isnt keep­ing up with Steam on the 19th they start­ed their Hol­i­day sale that will run through Jan 1st, all sales are good till then. If you havent been track­ing the steam store you can still get the sales from the 19th and on, they just arent as dis­count­ed but still dis­count­ed none the less. Check in each day to find out what has gone on sale. They run for 24hrs from 11am-11am at which point new items get dis­count­ed. after the sales for a par­tic­u­lar day end the items remain on sale just not as heav­i­ly dis­count­ed. For instance you can get the Fable Fran­chise from the 19th for $40 reg­u­lar­ly $80, it includes Fable, Fable III and all DLC (no Fable II though). Today, 12/21 the crit­i­cal­ly acclaimed Bat­man: Arkham City is 50% off at $25, amongRead more…

December 19, 2011

Gamefly now offering PC titles for rent/sale

Game­fly has just released its own down­load client for PC games, in its beta stages of course. It would seem that gamers who sub­scribe to their ser­vice will get  to choose from a grow­ing selec­tion of PC titles to down­load and play for an unlim­it­ed amount of time. Most of the play for free games will be unheard of titles and/or titles no one is inter­est­ed in, how­ev­er this is to be expect­ed with some­thing in its infan­cy, not to wor­ry though, there are a few big titles such as Prince of Per­sia and Assas­sins Creed, and as it matures more A titles will like­ly be seen (remem­ber its a FREE ser­vice includ­ed with mem­ber­ship). Game­fly has made this pos­si­ble by acquir­ing Direct2Drive. This allows them to offer their free and unlim­it­ed games along with direct down­load of PC games avail­able forRead more…

December 19, 2011

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Review

Ah yes, good old Counter-Strike.  No oth­er shoot­er series has been as pop­u­lar and com­peta­tive for as long as Counter-Strike has.  Well, as many of you know by now, Valve announced a new, long over­due, addi­tion to the Counter-Strike series, Counter-Strike:Global Offen­sive.  Imme­di­ate­ly so many rumors came out about the game and how true to Counter-Strike it would end up being and so on.  All any­one had were a few short videos show­ing some lim­it­ed game­play to stare at and for­mu­late opin­ions on.  There were some details giv­en out such as the fact that the game is being made for XBox and PS3 as well as PC, and that they want to make it con­sole friend­ly to draw in a new crowd.  I think this def­i­nite­ly scared a lot of the old school CS play­ers as so often when aRead more…

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