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December 4, 2011

Uncharted 3: The Review

As many of you already know I’m an avid PC gamer and there are very few games out­side of the PC sys­tem that I enjoy.  Unchart­ed is one of those fran­chis­es, one that I thor­ough­ly enjoy and when I heard that Unchart­ed 3 was com­ing to the PS3 I was very excit­ed.  As with all sequels today I’m always wary of a sell­out, under­de­vel­oped or oth­er­wise incom­plete release.  I’m hap­py to say that the Unchart­ed fran­chise has­n’t and still does not suf­fer from any of these calami­ties. 
Out of all three I’d have to say this one is my favorite.  Gen­er­al­ly games don’t hold my inter­est for more then a few hours before I set them down and pick up some­thing but Unchart­ed 3 as with it’s pre­de­ces­sors held my inter­est from start to fin­ish and I even found myself want­i­ng to go through anoth­er play through.
Graph­i­cal­ly Unchart­ed 3 is the best look­ing game on the PS3 if not the best look­ing game on both the PS3 and Xbox 360.  I know I will get flack from many Cry­sis 2 diehards but there sim­ply isn’t a pret­ti­er game on either con­sole sys­tem.  It’s also rivals many mod­ern PC titles which is say­ing a lot com­ing from me, some­one who gen­er­al­ly does­n’t think con­soles games hold a light to mod­ern PC titles.  Unchart­ed 3 takes you across the globe to many var­ied envi­ron­ments all of which have an incred­i­ble amount of detail put into them.  The only oth­er game I can think of in recent his­to­ry that paid this much atten­tion to details is Deus Ex: Human Rev­o­lu­tion.  One thing that I real­ly noticed that real­ly stood out to me is the char­ac­ter ani­ma­tions.  Drake has some incred­i­bly life like reac­tions not only in the way he moves but in the way he reacts to whats going on around him.  For exam­ple if you run by some­thing and you are very close he will react with his hands and body like he is avoid­ing the impact.  Or if things are explod­ing around him he duck and cov­er his head and slight­ly stum­ble as he is run­ning away.  Drake also has some swag­ger in his walk instead of the gener­ic walk and run.  It’s lit­tle details like this that help add to an amaz­ing over­all expe­ri­ence.
The sto­ry, like it’s predaces­sors, is fan­tas­tic,  it’s grip­ping, excit­ing and cap­ti­vat­ing.  If you are a suck­er for a good sto­ry like me Unchart­ed 3 will not dis­ap­point.   It picks up short­ly after the events of the sec­ond but it also cov­ers and explains alot about Drakes child­hood and what made him what he was.  The chap­ters that cov­er Drakes child­hood are suprisign­ly inter­est­ing.  I did­n’t think I would like them at first but I actu­al­ly enjoyed them.  I won’t spoil any­thing for you but it’s my favorite of the series thus far and it had my favorite end­ing. 
In addi­tion to being one of if not the best look­ing game out on any con­sole sys­tem it also sounds amaz­ing.  I have an Onkyo 7.1 1000 watt sur­round sys­tem and there are plen­ty of bass booms, explo­sions, chat­ter­ing of machine gun fire to anger even the most tol­er­ant of neigh­bors.  The voice act­ing is also top notch and that is actu­al­ly one of the things I most appre­ci­ate about the Unchart­ed fran­chise.  They don’t and haven’t skimped on get­ting qual­i­ty actors to do their voice overs.  There are plen­ty of cheesy and wit­ty lines through­out and good vocal respons­es to what­ev­er is going on around you. 
Unchart­ed 3 does have some minor annoy­ances but noth­ing major.  There are some times here drake will get stuck in the ground, on a wall or in a rock… I had it hap­pen a cou­ple of times and I had to reload to a pre­vi­ous check point.  I also had times when I could not change weapons, reload or fire the weapon (no I was­n’t in a cutscene) and I would quick­ly get killed.   The oth­er com­plaint I had, and this could be because I suck with con­trollers, is that the dif­fi­cult­ly seemed to vary a lot.  It would go from crazy easy to oh my god what does it take to kill this guy. 
One oth­er thing that I real­ly enjoyed about Unchart­ed 3 is it’s fist fights.  I’ve not seen a game with good hand to hand com­bat since the Matrix and I don’t think any game in recent his­to­ry has done fist fights well.   They took me down nos­tal­gia game to the old Clint East­wood and John Wayne movies.  I’d have to say they were one of my favorite aspec­st of Unchart­ed 3.
Is Unchart­ed 3 a per­fect game?  Almost, it had a cou­ple of issues that kept me from giv­ing a oth­er per­fect game a per­fect score.  Unchart­ed is a MUST have title for PS3 own­ers and for any gamer for that mat­ter.  Unchart­ed 3 is my favorite game on the PS3 and one of my top 5 to ever come out on the PS3 and the Xbox 360.   The more expe­ri­enced con­sole, who does­n’t suck with the con­trols like I do should get around 8 — 10 hours  on the first play through.  I took about 12 hours on my first playthrough but I attribute that to my ter­ri­ble han­dling.   Over­all Unchart­ed 3 is the pre­miere expe­ri­ence on the PS3.  Do your­self, your friends and fam­i­ly a favor and get this game for your­self and for them. 

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