January 23, 2012

MS points coming to an end?

Rumor has it that the Microsoft vir­tu­al cur­ren­cy sys­tem that uti­lizes Microsoft Points will be get­ting phased out in favor of real world cur­ren­cy. By the end of 2012 the Xbox Live mar­ket­place, zune, and win­dows phone and any oth­er devices/software where one would use MS points will be con­vert­ed over to using actu­al dol­lar amounts for pur­chas­es. This is of course the unof­fi­cial word as it is still just a rumor, but I think we can all be hope­ful that this change will take place.
The point sys­tem isnt a bad sys­tem in its entire­ty, there have been pur­chas­es ive made that when I did the math it was actu­al­ly a bit cheap­er to buy with points than with cash, and if buy­ing some­thing that was a few hun­dred points then same dif­fer­ence. How­ev­er Microsoft has ripped many a cus­tomer off by forc­ing the point sys­tem on them. The min­i­mum you can buy is 400 points, what if you sim­ply want an avatar item val­ued at 100 points? well your either stuck with 300 points youll nev­er use or your forced to buy more in order to get some­thing else just to get rid of the points you ini­tial­ly pur­chased. Its basi­cal­ly Microsoft forc­ing cus­tomers into a “min­i­mum pur­chase” regard­less of what the per­son wants to buy. And even for large pur­chas­es there is like­ly a few points left over that will nev­er get used. Ill admit this like­ly does­nt both­er most users but its still a rip off any­way you look at it, Microsoft is get­ting your cash to be used how­ev­er they see fit and you are left with points you may nev­er use. Lets hope the rumors are true and Microsoft changes to a real world cur­ren­cy sys­tem.

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