February 4, 2012

THQ slimming down to stay afloat

THQ is cut­ting basi­cal­ly every­thing but their core game line­up to try and save resources and turn a prof­it. Pret­ty much any­thing that does­nt stem from a big hit title or have sol­id poten­tial to bring in a sub­stan­tial prof­it is being cut, things such as their uDraw table and kids games are either being done away with or put on a back burn­er to bring down costs. THQ pres­i­dent Bri­an Far­rell has even tak­en a 50% cut in pay and the past few weeks have seen many THQ employ­ees laid off in an attempt to con­serve the resource pool.
Hon­est­ly a core dynam­ic is some­thing THQ has talked about before, its just too bad they did­nt impli­ment this soon­er. Had they act­ed soon­er when prob­lems start­ed to arise per­haps peo­ple would­nt be los­ing their jobs and THQ’s future would seem so bleak. The bright side for con­sumers is that the core games we have been look­ing for­ward to are for the most part on sched­ule. Metro Last Light has been delayed but most of the line up is expect­ed to hit shelves near the end of fis­cal year 2013 and begin­ning 2014. Their MMO cur­rent­ly in devel­op­ment, Dark Mil­le­ni­um, is still on the board but will like­ly face delays and pos­si­bly scrap­ping, THQ is cur­rent­ly look­ing for a part­ner to help take on the MMO to keep it in devel­op­ment.

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