February 7, 2012

Real Racing 2: a Must-Have for Racing Enthusiasts [iOS]

If you’re like me, you like bits and pieces from all sorts of dif­fer­ent rac­ing games. The vehi­cle cus­tomiza­tion and real­ism of Forza, the accelerom­e­ter con­trols of Mario Kart Wii, etc. Lucky for us, those first two exam­ples meld beau­ti­ful­ly togeth­er in Firem­int’s Real Rac­ing 2 for iOS.
Playable on a wide range of iOS devices, Real Rac­ing 2 is visu­al­ly gor­geous. I play on my old iPhone 3GS and, and it still looks amaz­ing… Though it must look incred­i­ble on a reti­na dis­play, or even on a TV using it’s air­play sup­port for split screen par­ties with Apple TV. Should you choose to play on your inte­grat­ed screen, there’s even sev­er­al dif­fer­ent view modes to choose from, most of which sup­port a hori­zon tilt fea­ture, to coun­ter­act the dis­play tilt of accelerom­e­ter steer­ing. They obvi­ous­ly want­ed every­one to think this game looks fan­tas­tic, and it does. Don’t wor­ry, though– these graph­i­cal good­ies don’t come at the expense of qual­i­ty con­tent or play time.
The career mode is rather expan­sive, grad­u­al­ly going from races with lit­tle cars like a Ford Focus all the way up to 8 and 10 cylin­der mon­sters from the likes of McLaren and BMW. Inte­gra­tion of achieve­ments and social net­work­ing through the game cen­ter is a nice plus, too.

That brings me to the next point: mul­ti­play­er. I don’t care if my motives for writ­ing this arti­cle aren’t entire­ly self­less or not. The truth of the mat­ter is that this is tru­ly on of the best iOS games ever devel­oped for rac­ing fans, and yet (shock­ing­ly) none of my friends have it to play with me! So peo­ple I know, and even peo­ple I don’t, get this so you can come race with me. It’s a great game that you’ll love, and I’m lone­ly out there on the tar­mac. So I’ll be wait­ing for you guys! If you grab the game off of my rec­om­men­da­tion, add me on Game Cen­ter so we can squeal some tires. My name on Game Cen­ter is Trevor­Dunkin (cre­ative, right?) See you out there!

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