February 14, 2012

Mass Effect 3 demo is here!

One of this year’s most antic­i­pat­ed, if not THE MOST antic­i­pat­ed game, Mass Effect 3 released in demo form today and I must say if this is any indi­ca­tion of the full release then I think no oth­er game will come close to touch­ing it the entire year!
In the demo you get two full sin­gle play­er lev­els com­plete with cut scenes. The demo also gives you an option to choose the game style you would like to play like straight shoot­er or clas­sic RPG action shoot­er. What lit­tle of the sto­ry you get it amaz­ing  in keep­ing with the Mass Effect fran­chise it hooks you in the first 5 min­utes and keeps you on the line until the demo is over. With­out rev­el­ing any­thing all as I can say if HOLY AWESOMES SAUCE! This game is going to be amaz­ing!
There is a mul­ti­play­er com­po­nent that can only be accessed ear­ly (Feb 14th to Feb 17th) If you acti­vat­ed your Bat­tle­field 3 online pass  and then after the 17th will be open to every­one. Mul­ti­play­er is an objec­tive based “Horde” mode that is insane­ly intense and lots of fun.
The demo is avail­able now on PC via Ori­gin, Xbox live and The PSN for free down­load. If you haven’t done so down­load it now and check it out! For more info check out the offi­cial Bioware Mass Effect 3 site HERE.
Also on Sun­day Feb 19th dur­ing the AMC show The Walk­ing Dead a new Mass Effect 3 trail­er debuts to make you hunger even more to play this years’ best release! But for now check out this trail­er with Fem Sheppard…..ENJOY!

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