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February 18, 2012

Co-Review: Gotham City Impostors

It’s been some time since we have heard from Mono­lith Pro­duc­tions. F.E.A.R. 2 was the last we heard from them and while the game was more var­ied than its pre­de­ces­sor, the A.I. took a large dose of stu­pid pills. They are final­ly back with a down­load­able title that is rather odd. Take one part Bat­man, one part Team Fortress, and one part absurd humor, shake not stir, and you come away with one humor­ous but com­pelling shoot­er.
Game­play: Based on the Team Fortress/ Team Fortress 2 style game it works real­ly well with plen­ty of cus­tomiza­tion allow­ing you to play this first per­son shoot­er how­ev­er you like.  The four game types are var­ied (one being a chal­lenge mode ripped right out of Bat­man Arkham City) giv­ing plen­ty of ver­i­ty to add val­ue to the price of this DLC game. Fumi­ga­tion was my favorite game type with Psych War­fare com­ing in a close sec­ond only because it was hard find­ing match­es. There is some issue with match mak­ing and bal­anc­ing that I hope get addressed in the upcom­ing patch and of course my favorite LAG! The game always states con­nect­ing to serv­er but I think “serv­er” is anoth­er name for “HOST” as in peer to peer gam­ing which always lags.
The game types are var­ied but so few, though they nev­er seem to grow stale. Fumi­ga­tion is my game mode of choice, noth­ing more than ter­ri­to­ries but the match­es are nor­mal­ly hard fought and can last a lengthy amount of time. The amount of cus­tomiza­tion is insane; every­thing from cos­tumes, to weapons, to gad­gets, to call­ing cards, and 1000 lev­els to gain. The gad­gets are the star of the game play. Using a grap­ple gun or glid­er pack to tra­verse the intri­cate maps is like noth­ing else. I do agree with Joe, the match­ing mak­ing is a mess. Unbal­anced games and some occa­sion­al lag can spoil the expe­ri­ence, though when all is going well the game’s bril­liance shines.
Visu­als: the five maps are real­ly detailed and incred­i­bly intri­cate almost to a fault with plen­ty of nooks n cran­nies to dis­cov­er and explore I wish the game types I like used more of the maps to play them so we could enjoy the detail that is hid­den around every cor­ner, door and on every roof! Most areas that are heavy engage­ment zones have a way to flank mak­ing attack­ing or defend­ing feel chal­leng­ing and reward­ing although there are a few spots strung across the maps that can be abused to spawn lock the oppos­ing team.
Rick: for a down­load­able game, the visu­als are great, but could be bet­ter. The maps are painstak­ing­ly detailed and have great vari­ety. The amounts of ver­ti­cal­i­ty in the maps are just as impres­sive as the detail. The char­ac­ters sport that goofy TF2 look but have a feel of their own. The cus­tomiza­tion adds more appeal to visu­als and the humor. Would you like your Bats char­ac­ter to have a card­board cowl, a rain slick­er for a cape, and have them run­ning around in noth­ing but a pair of briefs? Great news, you can have it. One lit­tle gripe I have with the visu­als is the lack of mouth ani­ma­tion. There are some mem­o­rable quips, but to see the closed mouth mod­els spurt them feels archa­ic
Over­all: The athe­is­tic of the game is great adding com­e­dy to the oth­er­wise dark goth­ic uni­verse of Bat­man. The visu­als are real­ly good and the maps well layed out with plen­ty of options to get around from place to place. The over­all game is fun and var­ied with plen­ty of options to suit your gam­ing style. There are TONS of un-lock­ables and cus­tomiza­tion options that will keep you busy for months to come! Sound is great with hilar­i­ous voice act­ing and sound effects always mak­ing the expe­ri­ence enjoy­able. There are a few things that need work but over-all this game is well worth the price!
Rick: For $15, the game offers a sub­stan­tial amount of con­tent and excite­ment. Like Joe I enjoyed the humor, the map lay­out, the com­bat, and the cus­tomiza­tion. The game was delayed once in Jan­u­ary and it real­ly could have used a few extra weeks to get the match­mak­ing under con­trol and deal with some of the lag issues, but Mono­lith has stat­ed there will be a title update in March to fix these issues; but would have been nice to already have this and not poten­tial­ly kill the com­mu­ni­ty because of these issues. The game is worth your mon­ey and could eas­i­ly be the new go to shoot­er if the com­mu­ni­ty and Mono­lith back the game. If you are look­ing for a TF2 expe­ri­ence con­soles and have tried the sad excuse that was on The Orange Box (no sup­port and awful com­mu­ni­ty) than check this game out.
~ team fortress 2 game type tak­en to the next lev­el
~ Great visu­als
~ Detailed map lay­outs
~ Char­ac­ter voic­es are hilar­i­ous
~ Peer to peer host leads to lag­gy game play at times
~wish the game types used more o the maps to show off the detail put into them
~ Match­ing and bal­anc­ing need a lot of work
~ Heavy body type, rock­ets, and armor. You will learn to hate this.
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