February 22, 2012

Borderlands 2 on Android?

Dur­ing last weeks PDXLAN Gear­box Soft­ware demoed Bor­der­lands 2, this in and of itself would have been an inter­est­ing activ­i­ty, what makes it stand out though is the fact the demo was being run on a Tegra 3 pow­ered Android Tablet.
Tegra is Nvidi­a’s mobile CPU solu­tion and has the Tegra 3 is the lat­est quad-core vari­ant. It is already in a hand­ful of tablets such as the Asus Trans­former and is about to hit a large num­ber of Smart­phones. The fact that Bor­der­lands 2 was run­ning on this mobile proces­sor is not only impres­sive and says alot about its heft but also shows promise in the way things are going in the mobile com­mu­ni­ty. If a tablet can run a PC grade game it wont be long before mobile gam­ing is tak­en to a whole new lev­el.
Does this mean you will get to play Bor­der­lands 2 on your new tablet or quad-core smart phone? No, this is entire­ly up to devel­op­ers, we may see a mobile opti­mized ver­sion of Bor­der­lands, or a cut down mobile ver­sion, and a slew of oth­er games for Android and iOS, but its too ear­ly to tell what exact­ly is on the hori­zon of mobile app devel­op­ment. When the quad-core mobile devices start hit­ting shelves at a more stan­dard rate well have a bet­ter idea of where things are going. This year will be a big one for mobile devel­op­ment and may very well pave the way for hard core gam­ing on the go.

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