February 22, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Sephiroth Wednesday


I start­ed this fea­ture with one of gaming’s great­est hero’s, now we look at one of gaming’s great­est vil­lains. Sephi­roth is just one of those vil­lains you either love because of his bad fac­tor, or hate and weep because he is evil and killed Aerith. Today’s song is off of the same BadAss: Boss Themes album that last week’s Shred­der tune came from. Sephi­roth (Final Fan­ta­sy VII) BadAzz by Pro­to­type­R­ap­tor is full of pulse pound­ing beats that make me want to pop in Advent Chil­dren. I was going to do this song a few weeks ago, sor­ry for the delay. SEPHIROTH!


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