February 22, 2012

Nintendo gives us some insight on some great upcoming games

This morn­ing via Nin­ten­do’s pub­lic announce­ment chan­nel, Nin­ten­do Direct; Reg­gie Fils-Aime made some news on some up com­ing titles, anoth­er impres­sive 3DS eShop title, and an announce­ment that is sure to excite some RPG fans. The first game they showed off was Dil­lon’s Rolling West­ern, a action/tower defense hybrid that will keep this new flow of qual­i­ty games from the eShop going. With titles like Push­mo and Mutant Mud­ds, Nin­ten­do is final­ly push­ing their down­load­able plat­form in the right direc­tion. Next the showed off Kid Icarus: Upris­ing, which is look­ing extreme­ly promis­ing. They did state again the game will come pack­aged with a small stand, since your using the cir­cle pad, L but­ton and touch screen as your main con­trols, which could be awk­ward. There will be a weapon fusion sys­tem will be incor­po­rat­ed and will be able to swap weapons via street and spot pass. Mario Ten­nis Open was announced before the hol­i­days and today we got a good look at what we can expect from the game when it launch­es on the 3DS on May 20th. The game is being devel­oped by Camelot, which has devel­oped the series is still at the reigns so we will know to expect great qual­i­ty with an nice sim­plis­tic approach for those that think ten­nis is noth­ing more than pong. There will be local and online line play as well as a skill based match­ing mak­ing sys­tem for quick match­es. I am on board, I have always loved this series and now it is on the go with some excit­ing mul­ti­play­er and this could be a fun sum­mer for the grow­ing portable. End­ing the video Reg­gie showed off the alter­nate cov­er art for Xenoblade Chron­i­cles which is beau­ti­ful and like Sony, need to imple­ment this more. Now Xenoblade is only com­ing over to the states via GameStop so, go pre-order your copy of this excit­ing RPG that has been gain­ing so much crit­i­cal praise. Reg­gie end­ed the seg­ment with announc­ing that Hironobu Sak­aguchi’s, The Last Sto­ry, will be final­ly mak­ing it’s way to the states cour­tesy of Nin­ten­do’s pub­lish­ing part­ner XSEED. Just when we thought Nin­ten­do had giv­en up on the Wii we are treat­ed to two stel­lar RPG’s. There was no time frame for The Last Sto­ry oth­er than 2012, but with the WiiU to be launch­ing late this year, hope­ful­ly it’s soon­er rather than lat­er. The whole video is down below to watch the ever omnipo­tent Reg­gie Fils-Aime give us some great rea­sons to play Nin­ten­do’s unique sys­tems.

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