2012 March

March 2, 2012

Video Awesomeness: Mass Effect 3 Edition

  WARING! MINOR SPOILERS BEWARE! Back In Novem­ber of 2007 for the Xbox 360 and the sum­mer of 2008 for the PCs Com­man­der Shep­ard and crew came into our lives to save all of human­i­ty from cer­tain death at the hands of  Saren Arterius a  rouge Specter and his Geth min­ions or so it would seem…. Devel­oped by Bioware and pub­lished by Microsoft this action RPG shoot­er has an amaz­ing sto­ry and game play ele­ments made great by Bioware’s ear­li­er mas­ter­piece: Star Wars: Knight of the Old Repub­lic. Mass Effect takes Com­man­der Shep­ard across the known uni­verse to try and stop Saren and the Geth from destroy­ing every intel­li­gent race in exis­tence! Check out this maz­ing trail­er that helped to launch the series: In Jan­u­ary of 2010 Mass Effect 2 was released with refined game­play and the abil­i­ty to portRead more…

March 2, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Double Dragon Friday

[display_podcast] We round out the week of look­ing back at some clas­sic games with one of my per­son­al favorites from my time in the arcades and in front of my NES. Dou­ble Drag­on may have had some recent trou­ble stay­ing on the XBLA but Still billed as an arcade favorite, and had mul­ti­ple releas­es and spin offs, this brawler still holds its own. There were some games in the ven­er­a­ble series I skipped, I did play 1–3 and Bat­tle­toads and Dou­ble Drag­ons. I also checked out the GBA remake and is one of my favorite games from the GBA era. Today’s track, Enter the Guru by Nin­ten­do Guru takes me back to the sum­mer days spent in Gig­gles, my local arcade. I can still smell the Piz­za Boy across from the arcade. Have a great week­end every­one.   http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00963/  

March 1, 2012

Rumor: COD: Black Ops 2 coming in Nov.

Activi­sion has con­sis­tent­ly been releas­ing COD titles every Nov since COD 3, why should this year be any dif­fer­ent. A list­ing on Ama­zon’s french site has post­ed a list­ing for COD: Black Ops 2 also a Span­ish game retail site has announced it and stat­ed that it will ship in Nov. Offi­cial­ly, for the US at least, no title or release date has been set for the next COD game, but if Activi­sion stays the course then you can bet we’ll see a new COD in Nov, might as well be Black Ops 2. Per­son­al­ly I enjoyed Black Ops 2 and Im not dis­ap­point­ed to hear rumors about a sec­ond, grant­ed the COD series has begun to meld togeth­er and some updat­ed designs and tech for the game would be refresh­ing but COD pulls it off with fan­tas­tic sto­ry pro­gres­sion and cin­e­mat­icRead more…

March 1, 2012

Assassins Creed III Box Art Revealed

After much spec­u­la­tion last night Ubisoft has final­ly giv­en us a glimpse at the cov­er art for this years Assas­sins Creed III, and in the process, answered some ques­tions. The game will be set dur­ing the Amer­i­can Rev­o­lu­tion, the main pro­tag­o­nist will be of Native Amer­i­can decent, and that’s about where the detail trail runs cold. While I am excit­ed for anoth­er Assas­sins Creed, I am still real­ly skep­tic about the set­ting. While there were large towns in the colonies around 1776, there just was noth­ing to the extent of pre­vi­ous AC games. While I was per­son­al­ly pulling for Vic­to­ri­an Lon­don, I do have faith in Ubisoft to deliv­er an excep­tion­al game. It will be inter­est­ing to see what else we learn about the title in the com­ing months and do expect a big to do out of Ubisoft atRead more…

March 1, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Pokémon Thursday

[display_podcast] We will con­tin­ue the trend of clas­sic tunes with this awe­some ver­sion of a Game Boy sta­ple. I was just start­ing high school when the orig­i­nal Blue and Red hit the NA shores and it instant­ly became a hit with my friends and fam­i­ly. I bought a Game Boy specif­i­cal­ly to play Poké­mon and have enjoyed the series to this day, I still play Poké­mon: Black on occa­sion. Today we cel­e­brate Poké­mon with The Mighty Mighty Poké­mon (~Open­ing~ Demo 2) by Lev­el 99 off the Poké­mon: The Miss­ing­no Tracks album. So rock out with some Poké­mon is this week ded­i­cat­ed to clas­sic gam­ing. http://missingno.ocremix.org/  

March 1, 2012

Nexuiz Released

Nexuiz is a first per­son shoot of the are­na vari­ety, some­thing pret­ty rare these days. I am proud to say that this game was devel­oped by none oth­er than Ill­fon­ic Stu­dios, a local to my city (Den­ver). The game was released last night at mid­night. Any­one who enjoyed the old are­na shoot­er games like Quake will love Nexuiz. Nexuiz is like Quake with a sense of humor, and some­thing real­ly cool called muta­tors. Muta­tors get called in dur­ing the game, and change the game play. Up to three muta­tors are active at a time and they all inter­act with each oth­er dif­fer­ent­ly. So on top of the extreme­ly fast paced game­play, you might become col­or­blind or your con­trols will be invert­ed. Talk about tricky! Are­na shoot­ers bring me back to the good old days at LAN par­ties, scream­ing at peo­pleRead more…

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