March 1, 2012

Nexuiz Released

Nexuiz is a first per­son shoot of the are­na vari­ety, some­thing pret­ty rare these days. I am proud to say that this game was devel­oped by none oth­er than Ill­fon­ic Stu­dios, a local to my city (Den­ver). The game was released last night at mid­night. Any­one who enjoyed the old are­na shoot­er games like Quake will love Nexuiz. Nexuiz is like Quake with a sense of humor, and some­thing real­ly cool called muta­tors. Muta­tors get called in dur­ing the game, and change the game play. Up to three muta­tors are active at a time and they all inter­act with each oth­er dif­fer­ent­ly. So on top of the extreme­ly fast paced game­play, you might become col­or­blind or your con­trols will be invert­ed. Talk about tricky!
Are­na shoot­ers bring me back to the good old days at LAN par­ties, scream­ing at peo­ple across the room at 3am about the last match. I’m not sure of Nexuiz will coax me back to a room filled with sweaty Moun­tain Dew filled boys, but it will at least get me at the edge of my seat yelling at the com­put­er screen again. I have actu­al­ly played Nexuiz already, I can’t talk much about that but I was real­ly impressed. The lev­els are just gor­geous, and can­not be com­pared to games like Halo. A lot of love was put into this game, and it real­ly shows.
Devel­op­er: Ill­fon­ic
Release: 2012
Genre: FPS
Plat­form: 360 cur­rent­ly. PC and PS3 release antic­i­pat­ed in the fol­low­ing months
Pub­lish­er: THQ

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