March 2, 2012

Video Awesomeness: Mass Effect 3 Edition


Back In Novem­ber of 2007 for the Xbox 360 and the sum­mer of 2008 for the PCs Com­man­der Shep­ard and crew came into our lives to save all of human­i­ty from cer­tain death at the hands of  Saren Arterius a  rouge Specter and his Geth min­ions or so it would seem….

Devel­oped by Bioware and pub­lished by Microsoft this action RPG shoot­er has an amaz­ing sto­ry and game play ele­ments made great by Bioware’s ear­li­er mas­ter­piece: Star Wars: Knight of the Old Repub­lic. Mass Effect takes Com­man­der Shep­ard across the known uni­verse to try and stop Saren and the Geth from destroy­ing every intel­li­gent race in exis­tence! Check out this maz­ing trail­er that helped to launch the series:

In Jan­u­ary of 2010 Mass Effect 2 was released with refined game­play and the abil­i­ty to port your Shep­ard char­ac­ter from Mass Effect into Mass Effect 2 adding a new lev­el of con­ti­nu­ity to the sto­ry because the deci­sions made in M.E. 1 affect­ed the sto­ry of M.E. 2.

In Mass Effect 2 the Nor­mandy is on patrol on the out­skirts of the galaxy when it is attacked by an unknown ene­my and Com­man­der Shep­ard is “killed” and then res­ur­rect­ed by Cer­berus a human suprema­cist orga­ni­za­tion led by the Illu­sive Man. When Shep­ard is revived you are thrown back into a race to stop the “Col­lec­tors” from abduct­ing humans for rea­sons unknown! Check out the launch Trail­er for Mass Effect 2:

Now we come to mass Effect 3 with the release of the demo last week it looks like the Epic-ness of this final install­ment will over-shad­ow the first two games in this already impres­sive series! With the war being brought to Earth’s doorstep, Com­man­der Shep­ard is the only one who can stop the impend­ing doom of the entire human race.  Here’s the debut trail­er from last year. Note the release date is wrong because M.E. 3 was pushed back:

Now with this install­ment the Mass Effect series gets its first mul­ti­play­er co-op expe­ri­ence. Much like Gears of War’s Horde mode this Co-op expe­ri­ence in no joke the A.I. is insane­ly intel­li­gent with the abil­i­ty to flank and use tac­tics to destroy every mem­ber of your team but you have many options for sol­dier type and load outs includ­ing many of the races and abil­i­ties from the cam­paign. You can also earn cred­its for achiev­ing objec­tives while play­ing that can be used to pur­chase packs that have pow­er ups, weapons, spe­cial ammo, and new load out options to unlock. Here’s the mul­ti­play­er trail­er that gives us a small look:

Now If that didn’t get you psy­ched, then maybe a deep­er look into the sto­ry with this amaz­ing  full cin­e­mat­ic  trail­er that will tug your heart strings and give you the courage to fight for the Human race! Enjoy…online casi­no malaysia

If you’re still on the ropes and need more con­vinc­ing that this will be game of the year this trail­er was just released:

I have to add this final trail­er sim­ply because all major games are mak­ing epic live action trail­ers to pro­mote their releas­es and Mass Effect is no dif­fer­ent. Now this is no Halo series live action trail­er but still epic in its own right. Check it out:

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  1. mass effect 3 miranda - March 24, 2012 4:59 pm

    I under­stand that mak­ing a game that is cus­tom tai­lored to the play­er is a dif­fi­cult, tech­ni­cal task but this is how they mar­ket­ed the game. I remem­ber feel­ing that my ME1 deci­sions, with the excep­tion of Wrex, did­n’t real­ly have an impact on ME2 except for a few casu­al encoun­ters with Con­rad or an Asari com­mu­ni­cat­ing on behalf of the Rach­ni Queen. I real­ly felt like I would feel the heavy weight of my major deci­sions from ALL three titles. Instead, there were many times when it felt like “Oh yeah, I remem­ber doing that.” The only deci­sions that seemed to car­ry suf­fi­cient weight were ones that I made in this par­tic­u­lar game.


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