February 20, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Trailer

This past Sun­day, dur­ing The Walk­ing Dead the new Mass Effect 3: Tak­ing Back Earth launch trail­er was shown for the first time. I was tempt­ed to both­er some­one who had a TV just to watch this trail­er. I think it would have been worth it. I have always had a soft spot for cin­e­mat­ic trail­ers, but if I was­n’t already excit­ed for Mass Effect 3 I real­ly am now. The Walk­ing Dead how­ev­er, I real­ly enjoyed the pilot episode and since then have lost inter­est.

February 20, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Metal Gear Monday

  [display_podcast]   I am final­ly get­ting around to fin­ish­ing Met­al Gear Sol­id 4; I have had the game since 2008, and now for the out­cries of hate. I love the game, just oth­ers came out and well the rest is his­to­ry. I am almost fin­ished with it but I have always loved the music of the series and today we are cel­e­brat­ing it with a fan­tas­tic remix. Today’s track is a treat, Met­al Gear Sol­id ‘The Price of Free­dom’ by Evan Arnett, Jan­na McKin­ley, and Jonathan Mills is a com­bi­na­tion of themes from Met­al Gear Sol­id. So now go and spend you Mon­day morn­ing enjoy­ing the sounds of Tac­ti­cal Espi­onage Action and wait, Snake? Snake? SNNNAAKEEE?  

February 18, 2012

Co-Review: Gotham City Impostors

It’s been some time since we have heard from Mono­lith Pro­duc­tions. F.E.A.R. 2 was the last we heard from them and while the game was more var­ied than its pre­de­ces­sor, the A.I. took a large dose of stu­pid pills. They are final­ly back with a down­load­able title that is rather odd. Take one part Bat­man, one part Team Fortress, and one part absurd humor, shake not stir, and you come away with one humor­ous but com­pelling shoot­er.   Joe: Game­play: Based on the Team Fortress/ Team Fortress 2 style game it works real­ly well with plen­ty of cus­tomiza­tion allow­ing you to play this first per­son shoot­er how­ev­er you like.  The four game types are var­ied (one being a chal­lenge mode ripped right out of Bat­man Arkham City) giv­ing plen­ty of ver­i­ty to add val­ue to the price of this DLCRead more…

February 17, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Robot Master Friday

      [display_podcast] Two Mega Man days in a row how great is that? Today’s song comes from a unique album that came from Over Clocked, its mixed bag of music but every piece is dif­fer­ent. Mega Man: The Robot Muse­um is a col­lec­tion of remix­es high­light­ing one robot mas­ter from Mega Man 1–8 and includ­ing Bass from Mega Man 7. Today’s track Pow­er Stone (Mega Man 5 – Stone Man) by Joshua Morse is full of fun dance beats and a hint of gui­tars here and there. This is a real­ly fun track, great way to start the week­end.

February 16, 2012

Civ V getting expansion; Gods and Kings

The Civ­i­liza­tion series is a wide­ly known and pop­u­lar turn bases strat­e­gy game allow­ing the play­er to build a civ­i­liza­tion and com­pete on a glob­al scale for suprema­cy. It includes many of the worlds his­tor­i­cal great lead­ers, each with unique traits and abil­i­ties. Late spring of 2012 Civ V will be get­ting an expan­sion pack called Gods and Kings. Gods and Kings will bring with it 9 new won­ders, 13 new build­ings and 27 new units along with 4 new civ­i­liza­tions, Carthage, the Nether­lands, the Celts and Mayans, each with unique traits, build­ings and units. Play­ers will also have 9 new lead­ers to play as, four of which will be William I, the Prince of Orange, Boudic­ca and Pacal the Great. It will also add new reli­gious city-state types and mer­can­tile types. And thanks to enhanced diplo­ma­cy and espi­onage options play­ers willRead more…

February 16, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Blue Bomber Thursday

[display_podcast] Last Mon­day I fea­tured a Mega Man tune that cranked up the heavy met­al, this week we go a bit elec­tron­ic with one of the most mem­o­rable and just one of the best open­ing themes in all of gam­ing. Mega Man 3 ‘Mega Man 2003’ remixed by Gecko Yamori is a fan­tas­tic trib­ute to one of the great­est in games in Mega Man’s NES days. The sub­tle piano open­ing leads into an all out glow stick trib­ute. Gets your blood pump­ing this morn­ing with a bit of Mega Man tech­no because hon­est­ly, what else could be bet­ter? As always hit the link to down­load the track.

February 15, 2012

Konami shutting down Metal Gear Online

Come June 12, 2012 MGS4’s online counter part, Met­al Gear Online will be shut down for good. This will hap­pen in stages begin­ning March 21st with the online shop being shut down. A month lat­er on April 24th play­ers will no longer be able to cre­ate and reg­is­ter new char­ac­ters, also all expan­sion packs will be made avail­able for free on April 24th. If your a fan of Met­al gear Online get your fix in now because it will end, I would also advise you to take as much advan­tage of the free expan­sions you dont already have and enjoy them as much as pos­si­ble for the month and a half youll have access to them. This is a bit of a sad day, Met­al Gear Online had a pret­ty large fol­low­ing and this will upset quite a few gamers,Read more…

February 15, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Bastion Wednesday

    [display_podcast]   Today we get to lis­ten to a song off one of my favorite sound­tracks of last year, Bas­tion. Bas­tion was a sur­prise for me. The game was not on my radar until the games for last year’s XBLA sum­mer of arcade were announced. The game caught me off guard and when I reviewed it I want­ed to give it a per­fect score just out of shear love for the game. But, as a pro­fes­sion­al, I with held and gave it a score based on its mer­its regard­less, though one thing I praised so high­ly was the sound­track. The sound­track is a gem of its own and should be heard by all. Dar­ren Korb, the games com­pos­er, did a fan­tas­tic job of cre­at­ing some­thing unique, some­thing that can’t be described in words. So sit back and enjoyRead more…

February 14, 2012

Mass Effect 3 demo is here!

  One of this year’s most antic­i­pat­ed, if not THE MOST antic­i­pat­ed game, Mass Effect 3 released in demo form today and I must say if this is any indi­ca­tion of the full release then I think no oth­er game will come close to touch­ing it the entire year!   In the demo you get two full sin­gle play­er lev­els com­plete with cut scenes. The demo also gives you an option to choose the game style you would like to play like straight shoot­er or clas­sic RPG action shoot­er. What lit­tle of the sto­ry you get it amaz­ing  in keep­ing with the Mass Effect fran­chise it hooks you in the first 5 min­utes and keeps you on the line until the demo is over. With­out rev­el­ing any­thing all as I can say if HOLY AWESOMES SAUCE! This game is goingRead more…

February 14, 2012

What Does This Button Do?

So two days ago you may or may not have noticed Steam was offline for a hour or so. Imme­di­ate­ly inter­net gos­sip spread that it was more hack­ers since Gabe Newell con­firmed last week that more info was lost than orig­i­nal­ly thought in a 2011 attack. How­ev­er Valve quick­ly respond­ed by say­ing it was a pow­er fail­ure. The actu­al quote from Valve’s twit­ter was: “Our data cen­ter’s [uni­ver­sal pow­er sup­ply] expe­ri­enced a pow­er fail­ure. Pow­er is back on now and work­ing to get ser­vice restored asap.” Time to employ DON’T TOUCH post-it notes methinks.

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