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December 4, 2011

Uncharted 3: The Review

  As many of you already know I’m an avid PC gamer and there are very few games out­side of the PC sys­tem that I enjoy.  Unchart­ed is one of those fran­chis­es, one that I thor­ough­ly enjoy and when I heard that Unchart­ed 3 was com­ing to the PS3 I was very excit­ed.  As with all sequels today I’m always wary of a sell­out, under­de­vel­oped or oth­er­wise incom­plete release.  I’m hap­py to say that the Unchart­ed fran­chise has­n’t and still does not suf­fer from any of these calami­ties.  Out of all three I’d have to say this one is my favorite.  Gen­er­al­ly games don’t hold my inter­est for more then a few hours before I set them down and pick up some­thing but Unchart­ed 3 as with it’s pre­de­ces­sors held my inter­est from start to fin­ish and I even foundRead more…

October 22, 2011


Home­front is a THQ brain­child that uti­lizes the Unre­al Engine and shows what beau­ti­ful art and per­for­mance on low­er end machines can do. I fell in love with this game being my first play-through I took my time and lis­tened to every­thing I could, read every arti­cle I could find and all. The cam­paign for Home­front is by far one of the tru­ly epic. Although excru­ci­at­ing­ly short it is absolute­ly mind blow­ing. The video in this arti­cle is the open­ing cut scene for the game, watch it to get an idea of where you are start­ing your mis­sion. This game is bru­tal. If you get sick eas­i­ly, don’t play this as some of it is a bit grotesque for patri­ots or vets. Though the sto­ry makes for a good game it is a bit hard to not imag­ine it asRead more…

October 21, 2011

Gunnar Optiks: Yellow-Tinted Gaming Glasses

While I typ­i­cal­ly tend to ignore most of the ads on the side of my Face­book page, I occa­sion­al­ly find one that inter­ests me. That’s how I found out about my now-favorite game store, and it’s also how I first heard about Gun­nar Optiks. Gun­nar Optiks pro­duces glass­es that reduce eye strain and enhance con­trast on screens, and are mar­ket­ed towards both fre­quent com­put­er users who suf­fer from var­i­ous eye­strain relat­ed symp­toms, and towards the pro­fes­sion­al gam­ing com­mu­ni­ty. Two of the gam­ing mod­els in the Gun­nar prod­uct line­up are endorsed by MLG, and a few more bear the SteelSeries name. When I first heard about these, I won­dered about them for only a few min­utes before I moved on. They bear a pret­ty hefty price tag for some­thing that may or may not actu­al­ly help you at all. How­ev­er, aRead more…

October 20, 2011

Batman: Arkham City Review

In 2009, devel­op­er Rock­steady released some­thing that was unimag­in­able, a Bat­man game of our dreams. Arkham Asy­lum was not only the best Bat­man game ever made, it was also the best licensed game to date; depend­ing on who you talk to. AA would have been a feat for any devel­op­er let alone a rel­a­tive­ly unknown dev with only one game under their belt. Despite being the Bat­man game we deserved, it wasn’t the one we need­ed right now. AA had its share of flaws but the deep sto­ry, unmatched melee mechan­ics, and superb voice act­ing and artis­tic design took the game to new heights. Could the Dark Knight rise again and top­ple the vil­lainy in Gotham? Could Rock­steady fol­low up what could have been the shin­ing star in the devel­op­ers cat­a­log? YES, YES and more YES! I will get thisRead more…

October 17, 2011

Dead Island

This title has had tons of pub­lic­i­ty and hype built via the inter­net and with a lot of hype comes a lot of high expec­ta­tions. Dead Island failed in no way to deliv­er. Dead Island brings all the fun of destroy­ing zom­bie hordes with the abil­i­ty to cre­ate and mod­i­fy your own arse­nal of weapons and skills. In this review I will be going over the pro, the cons, and the down­right awe­some­ness of this release. Let’s start with the bad. Graph­i­cal­ly speak­ing, the ter­rain is some­what spec­tac­u­lar, I know that seems like a good, but where the ter­rain looks good oth­er aspects lack. Pri­mar­i­ly the zom­bies them­selves and the vehi­cles are a bit sim­ple. For a game this far into the graph­i­cal­ly amaz­ing gen­er­a­tion that we game, this point can­not be over­looked. I believe that the devel­op­ers had beenRead more…

October 10, 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

It’s final­ly here, eleven years lat­er, Deus Ex: Human Rev­o­lu­tion has come and ye shall not be dis­ap­point­ed.  In an age where reboots of reboots of reboots are com­mon I must say that I was skep­ti­cal and with the recent fail­ure which was Duke Nukem I was more than a lit­tle con­cerned with this game being a com­plete flop.  I’m very hap­py to say that this was not the case.  Deus Ex: Human Rev­o­lu­tion is a great game but it does have a cou­ple of things that hold it back from being per­fect one.  There aren’t many things that Deus Ex: HR does wrong but if I were to pick the biggest one I would say it would have to be the fact that it feels like it forces you to play the game in a cer­tain way.   For exam­ple,Read more…

October 7, 2011


  AVAILABLE FOR: PC, PLAYSTATION 3 and XBOX 360 RAGE is an action FPS with some RPG ele­ments, devel­oped by id, that thrusts you into a post apoc­a­lyp­tic world that has been rav­aged and destroyed by a giant mete­or. You take on the role of an ARK sur­vivor, one of a select group of peo­ple cho­sen to guide human­i­ty and rebuild soci­ety after its destruc­tion by a plan­et killing meteor.The only prob­lem is a mil­i­tary com­man­der sab­o­taged  the project caus­ing ARKs of his choos­ing with his peo­ple to open before any oth­er ARK in an attempt to rebuild as he sees fit and become mankinds supreme dic­ta­tor, as a result you awake from your sta­sis pod over 100 years after the impact. Soci­ety is divid­ed between ban­dit out­laws with a thirst for blood, mer­ce­nary groups, small cities/towns that have cre­at­ed a base ofRead more…

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