November 13, 2011

Sonic Generations

It’s offi­cial. After years of fum­bling around with strange top­ics and awk­ward, seem­ing­ly untest­ed game­play, Sega has pulled out a tru­ly excel­lent Son­ic the Hedge­hog game. Although short, it’s a sweet ride that hope­ful­ly will get the Spin-Dash ball rolling again. The game fol­lows an incred­i­bly sim­ple sto­ry­line. Son­ic’s friends are in the process of throw­ing him a birth­day par­ty when a giant mon­stros­i­ty (which I shall hence­forth refer to as the Fly­ing Pur­ple Peo­ple Eater) appears out of nowhere and cre­ates a vor­tex which sucks in all of Son­ic’s friends. Son­ic chas­es them into what appears to be a giant white lim­bo. Even­tu­al­ly, he and the res­cued Tails note that the areas and ene­mies are sus­pi­cious­ly famil­iar. Upon stum­bling on ver­sions of them­selves from the past, they dis­cov­er that they’re trav­el­ing through time. It sounds kind of sil­ly, butRead more…

October 21, 2011

Gunnar Optiks: Yellow-Tinted Gaming Glasses

While I typ­i­cal­ly tend to ignore most of the ads on the side of my Face­book page, I occa­sion­al­ly find one that inter­ests me. That’s how I found out about my now-favorite game store, and it’s also how I first heard about Gun­nar Optiks. Gun­nar Optiks pro­duces glass­es that reduce eye strain and enhance con­trast on screens, and are mar­ket­ed towards both fre­quent com­put­er users who suf­fer from var­i­ous eye­strain relat­ed symp­toms, and towards the pro­fes­sion­al gam­ing com­mu­ni­ty. Two of the gam­ing mod­els in the Gun­nar prod­uct line­up are endorsed by MLG, and a few more bear the SteelSeries name. When I first heard about these, I won­dered about them for only a few min­utes before I moved on. They bear a pret­ty hefty price tag for some­thing that may or may not actu­al­ly help you at all. How­ev­er, aRead more…

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