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October 7, 2011


  AVAILABLE FOR: PC, PLAYSTATION 3 and XBOX 360 RAGE is an action FPS with some RPG ele­ments, devel­oped by id, that thrusts you into a post apoc­a­lyp­tic world that has been rav­aged and destroyed by a giant mete­or. You take on the role of an ARK sur­vivor, one of a select group of peo­ple cho­sen to guide human­i­ty and rebuild soci­ety after its destruc­tion by a plan­et killing meteor.The only prob­lem is a mil­i­tary com­man­der sab­o­taged  the project caus­ing ARKs of his choos­ing with his peo­ple to open before any oth­er ARK in an attempt to rebuild as he sees fit and become mankinds supreme dic­ta­tor, as a result you awake from your sta­sis pod over 100 years after the impact. Soci­ety is divid­ed between ban­dit out­laws with a thirst for blood, mer­ce­nary groups, small cities/towns that have cre­at­ed a base ofRead more…

September 7, 2011

Crimson Alliance: Review

    It’s been some time since I have played a good dun­geon crawler that focused more on killing things than dozens of tech trees and con­fus­ing menus; Crim­son Alliance does just that. Less of a Dia­blo clone and more of a spir­i­tu­al suc­ces­sor to Gaunt­let Lega­cy, Crim­son Alliance has you slic­ing, freez­ing, and det­o­nat­ing ene­mies across sev­er­al dif­fer­ent map types. The focus is on the action, up to 4 play­ers choos­ing from 3 dif­fer­ent class­es, loot that varies your abil­i­ties, and enough explo­sive bar­rels to make Michael Bay jeal­ous. You have 3 class­es to choose from; the Wiz­ard, the Mer­ce­nary, and the Assas­sin. You have the option with 4 play­ers, to have a diverse team or all of the same; diver­si­ty is where the fun is. The game, visu­al­ly, is impres­sive for a XBLA game. There is an accentRead more…

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