November 11, 2011

Abobo’s Big Adventure! Pays homage to the NES in all it’s Glory!

  If you owned an NES back in the day or played the ROMs I’m sure you’ve played Dou­ble Drag­on and if you played Dou­ble Drag­on then you should know  Abobo… Now He’s on a quest to save his son “Aboboy” and must trav­el through some of the greast­est NES clas­sics in the know uni­verse in order to res­cue him! Here’s the his­to­ry behind Abobo’s Big Adven­ture and the team behind it: Abobo’s Big Adven­ture is a par­o­dy game which pays trib­ute to the 8‑bit glo­ry days of the Nin­ten­do Enter­tain­ment Sys­tem (NES).  The devel­op­ment of the game began way back in 2002 when Roger Barr set out to have Abobo fight his way through a vari­ety of clas­sic NES games in search of his lost son, Aboboy. Roger teamed up with a pro­gram­mer who went by the name “Bane” at the time andRead more…

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