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July 7, 2010

Activision Wants Consoles to be Replaced by PCs

We live in a world where we have mul­ti­ple plat­forms for gam­ing.  PC, PS3, 360, WII, etc.  Each plat­form has vary­ing amounts of pow­er when it comes to play­ing games.  Games are released across sev­er­al plat­forms and the plat­forms that have the weak­est specs or the worst con­trols tend to get the watered down, crap­pi­er ver­sions of the games released. Activi­sion, one of the lead­ing cross plat­form pub­lish­ers, wish­es to move away from the “walled gar­dens” set by  Sony, Microsoft and Nin­ten­do. The pres­i­dent of Activi­son, Bob­by Kotick, believes that the major­i­ty of peo­ple pay­ing to use XBL are pay­ing to play Mod­ern War­fare 2 — ‑Activi­sion does not get a share of that prof­it.  “We’ve heard that 60 per cent of [Microsoft­’s] sub­scribers are prin­ci­pal­ly on Live because of Call of Duty,” Kotick told FT. “We don’t real­ly par­tic­i­pateRead more…

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