May 6, 2011

Explaining Gaming to Those Who Don’t Understand

I sup­pose as a for­mer almost-edu­­ca­­tor, I should touch on the edu­ca­tion­al aspects of gam­ing.  I have had to defend my play­ing World of War­craft, Halo, even Mario Cart and Super Smash Bro’s on my old N64 to my moth­er, a firm believ­er in activ­i­ties that devel­op men­tal clar­i­ty and knowl­edge.   So, while this top­ic may not be about the newest game or an excit­ing review, it has to poten­tial to be help­ful to the younger read­ers that find them­selves try­ing to defend them­selves to the parental fig­ures in their lives.  Now, I want to make some­thing clear so I don’t have hate mail.  I am not going to make a clear cut list of what is edu­ca­tion­al about each game.  Instead, I am going attempt to help you learn to dis­cern what parts you share with that nosy par­entRead more…

November 15, 2010

Video Games and Addiction

I thought today I would pro­vide my read­ers with a bit of enter­tain­ment along with some words for thought.  We all play games and while we play them from time to time they or some­one else play­ing them has done some­thing to make us mad.  Most of us quit but some of us get angry at oth­ers, yell at oth­ers, yell at the com­put­er, break the com­put­er or one of many oth­er anger infused reac­tions.  I’ve col­lect­ed a group of videos that real­ly go to show how bad some peo­ple are addict­ed to their video games.  So what con­sti­tutes addic­tion?  Is it the amount of time spent?  I used to spend 12 hours a day play­ing what­ev­er video game I want­ed to at the time but I would still get all the things in real life I need­ed to getRead more…

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