alpha test

July 28, 2011

Battlefield 3 Alpha Test

  So the closed alpha test­ing for Bat­tle­field 3 went live yes­ter­day and I got a chance to play some. Its only test­ing for PC so all the con­sole guys out there will have to wait till beta test­ing. The alpha con­sists of one mul­ti­play­er rush map called Oper­ta­tion Metro. As usu­al rush mode, you take turns attack­ing or defend­ing two points. As you cap­ture points your team moves for­ward or you must fall back if your defend­ing. To those famil­iar with the series the game­play feels very much the same. You unlock weapons, attach­ments, and oth­er bonus­es as you lev­el each class. The class­es are Recon, Assu­alt, Engi­neer, and Sup­port. You don’t get access to all the class good­ies but there are plen­ty to choose from for an alpha. All that  is typ­i­cal Bat­tle­field. The alpha plays in a sort ofRead more…

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