May 4, 2011

BioWare Gives us the Good with the Bad

The Bad — Mass Effect 3 was pushed back until 2012. Bioware released a state­ment say­ing: ’ Today we have con­firmed that Mass Effect 3 will be released in the first three months of 2012. The devel­op­ment team is laser fou­cused on mak­ing sure Mass Effect 3 is the biggest, bold­est, and best game in the series, ensur­ing that it exceeds every­one’s expec­ta­tions.’ — Casey Hud­son ( Exec. Pro­duc­er on the Mass Effect series) So bum­mer for fans of the Mass Effect series, how­ev­er it could turn out to be a good thing ensur­ing we get a qual­i­ty game. The Good — Bioware says that Star Wars: The Old Repub­lic will release late this year. Frank Gibeau ( Pres. of EA) refused to give the exact date and gave two rea­sons why: ’ We don’t want to tip off theRead more…

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