August 16, 2011

10 Facts You May Not Know about World of Warcraft

MMORPG. Mas­sive Mul­ti­play Online Role-play­ing Game. Just the name implies that a large amount of the pop­u­lace has or will play the game at some point in their lives. The largest and most pop­u­lar MMO is one all gamers (and most non-gamers) have heard of: World of War­craft. Cataclysm,the lat­est expan­sion to the online War­craft world, had the west­ern con­sumer spend­ing on sub­scrip­tion up to $1.4 bil­lion and had more than 11 mil­lion sub­scribers as of March, 2011. So, even if you are a die-hard con­sole gamer, the chance that you have at least dab­bled in the world of War­craft is extreme­ly high. Look­ing over your friend’s shoul­der still counts. An even high­er chance is that most gamers out there spend just as much time in Aze­roth as they do play­ing their con­soles. A good bet to take is thatRead more…

August 11, 2011

Angry Gamers Appeal to Blizzard… Pure Rage

httpv://‑g&feature=player_embedded Bliz­zards recent annouce­ment that Dia­blo III would be online only has gen­er­at­ed a lot of rage in the PC gam­ing com­mu­ni­ty.   For exam­ple, the man above, has some choice words for Bliz­zard about their recent busi­ness deci­sion to make Dia­ble III online only.  While I and the videos author are on the same page for Bliz­zards deci­sion and  I might even con­sid­er send­ing them a let­ter to appeal their dec­sion.  How­ev­er, I don’t think the author of this video will accom­plish that.  It does­n’t real­ly give the pro­fes­sion­al vibe that one might want in a busi­ness let­ter.

July 14, 2010

Your Email is Rated E, for Everyone to See

Two days ago I post­ed an arti­cle talk­ing about Bliz­zard’s upcom­ing change to make users use thi­er real name for their account instead of an anony­mous han­dle. Well this did­n’t sit well with the account hold­ers. So in effort to stop this from hap­pen­ing users and fans sent emails to Enter­tain­ment Soft­ware Rat­ings Board (ESRB) in hopes some­thing would be done. How­ev­er what end­ed up hap­pen­ing was ESRB sent a mass email back to the com­plainants along with every­ones email address. 961 peo­ple had their per­son­al email sent out to 960 oth­er users. The board apol­o­gized for the mis­take and said it was “both unfor­tu­nate and regret­table”. Won­der what will hap­pen next. To view the arti­cle about Bliz­zard’s account change here is the link:

July 12, 2010

Blizzard gains aggro from its customers

So what new fan­tas­tic idea has Bliz­zard come up with this time? How about mak­ing you use your real life name instead of a char­ac­ter name or chat han­dle. Yep that’s right. With the intro­duc­tion of’s Real ID pro­gram it gave users the option to use your actu­al name instead of the usu­al char­ac­ter name. Now Bliz­zard has said with the new upcom­ing Star­craft 2 forums and even­tu­al­ly the World of War­craft forums, you will have to have and use the Real ID pro­gram to gain access and post. Bliz­zard claims this in effort to make the online com­mu­ni­ty “behave” and not start online fueds on the mes­sage boards. How­ev­er on the flip­side, mil­lions of sub­scribers will no longer be anony­mous. In an age where iden­ti­ty theft is a major issue, it seems like Bliz­zard is mak­ing it even eas­i­er toRead more…

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