May 11, 2010

Anonymous donated $3333.33 pushing Humble Indie Over $1,000,000

Wolf­fire is cur­rent­ly hold­ing a char­i­ty fundrais­er where you can get any 5 indie games for what­ev­er you want to pay.  The fundrais­er was a sev­en day event where the devel­op­er Wolf­fire would allow you to get any 5 games for any price you want to pay.  The games includ­ed World of Goo, Aquar­ia, Gish, Lugaru, and Penum­bra.  The Hum­ble Indie fundrais­er is sched­uled to end in just over 3 days from now.  Today an anony­mous donor donat­ed over $3000 dol­lars to the Hum­ble Indie fundrais­ing cam­paign.  This is an extreme act of kind­ness and we at TheGamers­Blog would like to thank who­ev­er that indi­vid­ual is for their gen­eros­i­ty.  We think this real­ly goes to show how com­pas­sion­ate gamers can be when they are giv­en a good cause.  One inter­est­ing thing to note is the donor donat­ed 3333.33 dol­lars which could be tak­en as a ref­er­ence to Mario Broth­ers where ifRead more…

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