November 27, 2011

Understanding The Numbers: PC vs Console Sales Figures

Recent­ly I have seen a great deal of con­fu­sion when it comes to under­stand­ing sales num­bers between Con­soles and PC.   Com­pared to 10 years ago there have been some major changes in the PC gam­ing indus­try, changes I con­sid­er for the bet­ter per­son­al­ly.  The biggest change in the PC gam­ing indus­try is the shift towards dig­i­tal dis­tri­b­u­tion.   Dig­i­tal dis­tri­b­u­tion began to pick up around 8 years ago in 2003 with the release of Valve Software’s dig­i­tal dis­tri­b­u­tion client steam.  This was real­ly the first time you could get major PC releas­es online and be able to access, down­load and pur­chase them entire­ly dig­i­tal­ly.  While it was slow to start the DD indus­try has tak­en off.   Accord­ing to Techcrunch as of 2010 it was esti­mat­ed that over 57 per­cent of PC gam­ing sales are done dig­i­tal­ly and that num­berRead more…

October 4, 2011

Battlefield 3 Beta: Console vs PC

With the recent release of Bat­tle­field 3 Beta I’ve noticed there has been a sig­nif­i­cant amount of com­mo­tion amongst the com­mu­ni­ty, espe­cial­ly the con­sole play­ers about why the graph­ics don’t look as good as they did in the video.  I’ve also heard numer­ous com­plaints about the PC ver­sion hav­ing mul­ti­ple maps for the beta and being able to host more play­ers.  Let me start off by say­ing that Bat­tle­field 3 was devel­oped with PC gamers in mind.  The game was devel­oped for the PC first and con­soles sec­ond and it shows with­in the game.  It’s designed to push the lim­its of graph­ics tech­nol­o­gy and even my video card is start­ing to show signs of stress with every­thing maxed to the top.  I sus­pect the retail release will be even more pun­ish­ing then the beta.   I took the time yes­ter­day toRead more…

September 30, 2011

Video Awesomeness: Battlefield Edition

  To kick off the open Beta for the high­ly antic­i­pat­ed release (BY ME!) of Bat­tle­field 3, I thought it would be cool to vis­it the Lin­eage that the Bat­tle­field series has brought to the gam­ing com­mu­ni­ty from PC to con­sole this is a strate­gic think­ing man’s shoot­er! So instead of me ram­bling on about the past here’s Adam Sessler (one of the only good things G4 TV has to offer). He basi­cal­ly sums up the series through Bat­tle­field 1943 in three min­utes: PC Games — E3 2012 — Bat­tle­field 3 When Bat­tle­field: Bad Com­pa­ny came along I total­ly got into the series (sor­ry PC guys Dice mussed up not putting this one out for you!) The sto­ry was a mod­ern day ver­sion of Kelly’s Heroes, one of my favorite World War II movies from back in the day, which addedRead more…

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