December 6, 2011

Xbox Live Update Kills Connection, Despite Delays

Microsoft final­ly rolled out its mas­sive update to Xbox Live today, and it looks great. The prob­lem, how­ev­er, is that it has dis­rupt­ed many users’ con­nec­tions to Xbox Live, cit­ing a “con­nec­tion error”. This error is implied to be user end by the error mes­sage, though when I test­ed my con­nec­tion, the only stage that failed was to Xbox Live– my con­sole con­nect­ed to the inter­net just fine. There’s been no work-around sup­plied yet by Microsoft, though I know the prob­lem to be at least as wide­spread as the oth­er side of my home­s­tate, Col­orado, cour­tesy of face­book updates from sim­i­lar­ly frus­trat­ed friends. Once a fix becomes avail­able, I will cer­tain­ly post instruc­tions for any­one else expe­ri­enc­ing this anom­aly. How about the rest of you? Can any­one else weigh in on how far this prob­lem spreads?

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