July 14, 2010

Your Email is Rated E, for Everyone to See

Two days ago I post­ed an arti­cle talk­ing about Bliz­zard’s upcom­ing change to make users use thi­er real name for their account instead of an anony­mous han­dle. Well this did­n’t sit well with the account hold­ers. So in effort to stop this from hap­pen­ing users and fans sent emails to Enter­tain­ment Soft­ware Rat­ings Board (ESRB) in hopes some­thing would be done. How­ev­er what end­ed up hap­pen­ing was ESRB sent a mass email back to the com­plainants along with every­ones email address. 961 peo­ple had their per­son­al email sent out to 960 oth­er users. The board apol­o­gized for the mis­take and said it was “both unfor­tu­nate and regret­table”. Won­der what will hap­pen next. To view the arti­cle about Bliz­zard’s account change here is the link:

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