December 2, 2010

Eyefinity Reveiw and Setup Instructions

So this Black Fri­day I decid­ed to hang around newegg and I found myself 2 x Hanns·G HZ251HPB Black 25″ in addi­tion to my Hannspree HF289H 28″ mon­i­tor.  I decid­ed to do this because I already owned a Sap­phire 5850 1GB and I had nev­er messed around with mul­ti mon­i­tor dis­plays.  I’ll cov­er my results and the parts required to make it work.  I searched the inter­net far and wide for instruc­tions on how to set this up and make it work and I final­ly got it all fig­ured out and I’ll cov­er it below.  So lets start with my build.  I’m run­ning on a Giga­byte moth­er­board, with 8gb of DDR3 CL7, AMD Phe­nom II 965 and a Sap­phire 5850 1gb and the mon­i­tors list­ed above. To do an eye­fin­i­ty set­up you need 3 mon­i­tors and a ATI card cape­able of doing eye­fin­i­ty. Read more…

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