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Forza 4

October 13, 2011

Forza Motorsports 4 — First Impressions

Forza Motor­sports is an Xbox exclu­sive title and that may push some peo­ple away, but per­son­al­ly, I believe that con­sole is where dri­ving sims belong. I have been a HUGE Forza Motor­sports fan for many years and went and bought an xbox 360 and a copy of the fresh­ly released Forza Motor­sports 4 (rel date 10-11-2011). I will be explain­ing a first impres­sions view of the game and some of it’s recent updates. The first thing out of the box that jumps out is the discs are almost iden­ti­cal to the pre­vi­ous release of FM3. I had to check the box again to make sure that I had­n’t bought the wrong title. Wor­ry not weary trav­el­ers it is indeed FM4. Upon load­ing the game for the first time the open­ing video dis­plays its most notice­able new fea­ture, Auto­vista. In theRead more…

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