May 12, 2011

How to become a Gamer Chick – A Simple Guide

Step 1.  Be of the female species.  This is very impor­tant.  Sex changes do not count unless you were pre­dis­po­si­tion towards the fem­i­nine as a male.  Also, please ensure that you are homo-sapi­en as bovine, lupine, or any oth­er form of mam­mal, avian, rep­tile, or plant life is unac­cept­able due to the lack of cog­ni­tive thought and/or oppos­able thumb.  Once you’ve deter­mined if you are indeed a homosapi­en female, you may pro­ceed to step 2.  If you can­not prove that you are so, then this guide will sim­ply be humor to you rather than some­thing of use. Step 2.  Remem­ber that as in all walks of life, gamer chicks can be beau­ti­ful or ugly, fat or skin­ny, nerdy or prep­py (rare, but it hap­pens).  It mat­ters not to the game or those who you talk to on chat what youRead more…

May 1, 2011

WoW Cataclysm: A Lady’s Perspective on Patch 4.1

The great sun­der­ing of Aze­roth at the great hand of Death­wing changed the world as we knew it for­ev­er.   We’ve had four months to adjust to the changes we see in the land­scape and quests, have had ample time to mem­o­rize the strate­gies for the new hero­ics, and some of the hard­core raid­ing guilds have even fin­ished hero­ic raids.   And with the most recent patch, Patch 4.1, we have new instances that drop epic loot, a fan­tas­tic guild find­er which will help you find a guild that fits your needs, incen­tives for heal­ers and tanks queu­ing solo such as (very) rare pets and mounts, and cross-fac­­tion Bind on Account items.  I’m in a casu­al raid­ing guild so the guild find­er doesn’t inter­est me much at all.   How­ev­er, I can def­i­nite­ly see the need and appeal.  Hope­ful­ly, this new device willRead more…

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