October 22, 2011


Home­front is a THQ brain­child that uti­lizes the Unre­al Engine and shows what beau­ti­ful art and per­for­mance on low­er end machines can do. I fell in love with this game being my first play-through I took my time and lis­tened to every­thing I could, read every arti­cle I could find and all. The cam­paign for Home­front is by far one of the tru­ly epic. Although excru­ci­at­ing­ly short it is absolute­ly mind blow­ing. The video in this arti­cle is the open­ing cut scene for the game, watch it to get an idea of where you are start­ing your mis­sion. This game is bru­tal. If you get sick eas­i­ly, don’t play this as some of it is a bit grotesque for patri­ots or vets. Though the sto­ry makes for a good game it is a bit hard to not imag­ine it asRead more…

April 30, 2011

Gamer Charities… Changing the Lives of Children Forever

When we turn on the TV, Radio or even read arti­cles on the web all we see are adver­tise­ments for the lat­est and great­est, news or hor­rors befalling some poor coun­try or state, or any oth­er num­ber of atroc­i­ties that fall upon the liv­ing.  The news only seems to rec­og­nize the rich and pow­er­ful or bad news.  I think it’s time to rec­og­nize the peo­ple who go out and try to make a dif­fer­ence  in the world and change it for the bet­ter.  While I may not have the mass resources of a major broad­cast­ing com­pa­ny or an Oil exec I think the recog­ni­tion is impor­tant. Many of you prob­a­bly have nev­er heard of Child­sPlay­Char­i­ty or The­Hum­ble­Bun­dle as they are not adver­tised across the net and lets face it many of us, espe­cial­ly in the Unit­ed States tend to for­getRead more…

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