December 18, 2011

The Coolest Video Game Fan Film I’ve ever seen!

Ok So I’m sit­ting at one of my jobs wait­ing for my pager to go off ( I baby sit a net­work for the most part and wait for some­thing to break it’s bor­ing but the pay is good…) and I’m check­ing out the movie nerd social site I fre­quent, Movie Fan Cen­tral if you’re intrest­ed, and come across this awe­some fan film that some one has post­ed from You Tube! if you have about 10 min­utes to spare you must check it out!

December 7, 2011

Time Lapse Video: Skyrim on Ultra High settings for the PC

If there’s any­one left on this site who has­n’t made the pil­gra­m­age to Skyrim or has­n’t been able to make up your mind as to weath­er to buy it for the PC or a con­sole check out this time lapsed video of the world of Skyrim and it will make the deci­sion for you! On the PC this world looks amz­ing and I total­ly regret buy­ing it for my Xbox now that I’ve seen the full graph­ic pote­nial that this game has! This was a fan made video (If you can believe it) done by Tom Har­ris  and it is totaly worth a watch! check it out:

October 25, 2011

The Ultimate Gaming FPS simulator or the 1st Holodeck!

This ulti­mate gamF­PS sim­u­la­tor was built by the crew at “The Gad­get Show” a tech show from Eng­land on Chan­nel 5. Armed with the E3 demo of Bat­tle­field 3 and about $650,000 they have made the clos­est thing to a holodeck I’ve ever seen! Using ambi­ent light­ing, a hacked Kinect con­troller, a floor that lets you sim­u­late walk­ing with­out mov­ing, some remote con­tolled paint­ball guns, and a 360 degree full room screen these guys have built some­thing insan­ly cool!   So, if you got that kin­da scratch lying around watch the video to learn how to build your own!   Source: Engad­get  

October 23, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Foot.…. Battlefield?

Ok so I’m sure some of you are get­ting sick by the total media blitz that has hit every type of video/data stream enter­ing your dwelling but you have to admit this game is going to be Epic to say the least. Now that there is less than 48 hours before launch and some last minute trail­ers have hit the You Tube! One is a fan made trail­er for “Bat­tle­field 4” and total­ly backed by Dice being that they put it up on their Face­book page and the sec­ond is a live action/CG trail­er also up on the Bat­tle­field Face­book page dar­ing you to choose whats real and whats mem­o­rex!     First is the “Bat­tle­field 4” made by Fred­diew hit the link to check out their You Tube page they have some real­ly well made video’s for your view­ingRead more…

August 20, 2011

Focus on the Artist: Eliott Lilly

Eliot Lil­ly is a con­cept artist and illus­tra­tor cur­rent­ly work­ing for video game devel­op­er id Soft­ware. While rel­a­tive­ly new to video game art, Lil­ly has made quite an impres­sion. He has con­tributed art­work for RAGE and F.E.A.R 3. In regards to his work on F.E.A.R 3, Lil­ly says, “I am very proud of the work I did on the game and being that it was my cher­ry pop­per into this indus­try, good, bad, or ugly, it will for­ev­er be my first game and there­fore my first love.”                                                      

August 20, 2011

Warner Brothers Pulling Movies from Redbox… Blockbuster Exclusive

About a year back Warn­er Broth­ers announced that it would be releas­ing it’s movies for rent at block­buster 28 days before they released them to Red­box, Net­flix and oth­ers.  Today, after dis­cussing this with a cou­ple of Block­buster employ­ees  Warn­er Broth­ers and pos­si­bly one oth­er stu­dio are going to be pulling their movies from Red Box and going with Block­buster exclu­sive­ly.  This is big news as this is the first time a stu­dio, to my knowl­edge, has ever gone exlu­sive­ly with a sin­gle deliv­ery method for it’s movie titles out­side of the Beta­max vs. VHS and HDDVD vs BLU-RAY. Exclu­siv­i­ty from any giv­en movie pro­duc­tion com­pa­ny could frag­ment the rental mar­ket and shift the bal­ance of pow­er over to what was con­sid­ered to be a dying com­pa­ny.  Block­buster, who was recent­ly pur­chased by dish net­work has gone through a series of reor­ga­ni­za­tions to make theRead more…

August 3, 2011

PC Better for Indie Developers Than Xbox Live?

Our friends a Zeboyd games are Indie Devel­op­ers, and as such they have a lim­it­ed bud­get, it is very impor­tant for them to choose the plat­form that best suits their needs and that will turn them the quick­est returns.  With the over­whelm­ing suc­cess of con­soles in today gam­ing mar­ket one would assume that devel­op­ing on a con­sole would be the cor­rect route to go.  But is this real­ly the case?  Does going to con­sole exclu­sive or con­sole first then PC real­ly bring you more mon­ey?  Zeboyd had a very inter­est­ing state­ment on their site.: “We are pleased to announce that Zeboyd Games has already made more rev­enue in less than a week on Steam than we have in over a year and a half on the XBox Live Indie Games ser­vice.” Zeboyd made more mon­ey, in one week, then they did in an entireRead more…

July 28, 2011

3DS Price Drop!

    Writ­ten by: CABXYZ… Yes you heard that right, just less than a year after the porta­bles release it is get­ting a price drop and a mas­sive one at that. Ear­ly this morn­ing Nin­ten­do released a press release stat­ing that the 3DS just 5 months after the system’s release will be tak­en from its $249.99 price tag to $169.99 on August 12th. Yes, you are not see­ing things the 3DS will be $169.99 ear­ly next month. Nin­ten­do of Amer­i­ca pres­i­dent Reg­gie Fils-Aime had this to say about the price drop, “For any­one who was in the fence about buy­ing a Nin­ten­do 3DS, this is a huge moti­va­tion to buy now,” “We are giv­ing shop­pers every incen­tive to pick up a Nin­ten­do 3DS from an amaz­ing new price to a rapid-fire suc­ces­sion of great games.” If you were an ear­lyRead more…

July 16, 2011

Uncharted 3 Beta Stats

It came, it saw, it blew our minds. The Unchart­ed 3 beta has wrapped up and now we have to wait until Novem­ber to get to the fun again. Playsta­tion post­ed some num­bers on the beta say­ing it was the largest beta on the Playsta­tion net­work to date. Here’s some food for thought: ‑Total unique Beta play­ers: 1.53 mil­lion peo­ple ‑Total kills: 1.9 bil­lion ‑Total Cash col­lect­ed: 1.4 TRILLION dol­lars (that’s greater than the gross domes­tic prod­uct of Spain, the eleventh high­est GDP in the world!) ‑Total shots fired: 48 bil­lion ‑Total match­es com­plet­ed: 22 mil­lion ‑Total time played: More than 362 years worth of match­es Yea pret­ty insane it what I thought too.

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