October 31, 2011

He Killed Me!? Impossible! He Must be Cheating!

  This is some­thing that has been on my mind for quite some­time now but I’ve nev­er actu­al­ly voiced it before until this week­end when I prob­a­bly heard ‘foul play’ called at least 30 times.  I’ve noticed in today’s gam­ing scene that it’s com­mon place to call foul play every­time one’s self gets killed.  I’m not deny­ing that there are hack­ers out there in the PC gam­ing and Con­sole gam­ing indus­try, and in recent years the num­ber of them have been grow­ing but that does­n’t mean every time some­one gets killed it’s because of a hack­er.  Up until recent­ly hack­ing was pri­mar­i­ly a prod­uct of the PC gam­ing indus­try and for a time con­sole gamers had been spared the hor­rors and extreme annoy­ance which is hack­ing.   How­ev­er, in recent years, a num­ber of hacks have appeared on con­sole sys­tems acrossRead more…

May 12, 2011

How to become a Gamer Chick – A Simple Guide

Step 1.  Be of the female species.  This is very impor­tant.  Sex changes do not count unless you were pre­dis­po­si­tion towards the fem­i­nine as a male.  Also, please ensure that you are homo-sapi­en as bovine, lupine, or any oth­er form of mam­mal, avian, rep­tile, or plant life is unac­cept­able due to the lack of cog­ni­tive thought and/or oppos­able thumb.  Once you’ve deter­mined if you are indeed a homosapi­en female, you may pro­ceed to step 2.  If you can­not prove that you are so, then this guide will sim­ply be humor to you rather than some­thing of use. Step 2.  Remem­ber that as in all walks of life, gamer chicks can be beau­ti­ful or ugly, fat or skin­ny, nerdy or prep­py (rare, but it hap­pens).  It mat­ters not to the game or those who you talk to on chat what youRead more…

May 6, 2011

Explaining Gaming to Those Who Don’t Understand

I sup­pose as a for­mer almost-edu­­ca­­tor, I should touch on the edu­ca­tion­al aspects of gam­ing.  I have had to defend my play­ing World of War­craft, Halo, even Mario Cart and Super Smash Bro’s on my old N64 to my moth­er, a firm believ­er in activ­i­ties that devel­op men­tal clar­i­ty and knowl­edge.   So, while this top­ic may not be about the newest game or an excit­ing review, it has to poten­tial to be help­ful to the younger read­ers that find them­selves try­ing to defend them­selves to the parental fig­ures in their lives.  Now, I want to make some­thing clear so I don’t have hate mail.  I am not going to make a clear cut list of what is edu­ca­tion­al about each game.  Instead, I am going attempt to help you learn to dis­cern what parts you share with that nosy par­entRead more…

March 4, 2011

Death of PC Gaming is ‘Bullshit’

Shack­news recent­ly did and Inter­view with DICE Gen­er­al Man­ag­er Karl Mag­nus Troeds­son dur­ing GDC 2011 and when asked about the decline/death of PC gam­ing he sim­ply said it was ‘bull­shit’. “I felt that we had, maybe, set PC aside a bit too much. I’ve said this pub­licly before, we were very unhap­py that we were not able to get a PC ver­sion out of Bat­tle­field: Bad Com­pa­ny. It was down to sheer man­pow­er, or lack there­of. We felt that we couldn’t just bring out the Frost­bite engine, and bring the game to con­soles, and get the PC ver­sion out. We just failed there,” he admit­ted. “It’s some­thing that we regret but it was a pure fact that we were faced upon. “We fixed that with Bad Com­pa­ny 2. Now it’s Bat­tle­field 3 and we thought, ‘Now it’s time to giveRead more…

January 14, 2011

We Now Have Ventrilo!

We now have Ven­tri­lo avail­able to the TGB com­mu­ni­ty!  Any­one here is wel­come to come use our chan­nel for their gam­ing needs.  We are always hap­py to accept dona­tions to help cov­er the costs of run­ning the chan­nel.  We want to thank the TGB com­mu­ni­ty for help­ing make host­ed servers a real­i­ty for us.  We have received a great amount of sup­port from our view­ers and read­ers and we can’t thank them enough.  If you, your clan or guild would like to use the chan­nel for a large group on a reg­u­lar basis we may be able to upgrade the chan­nel.  Please send any chan­nel ques­tions to You can access the TGB chan­nel by going here: Serv­er: Port: 4591

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