gears of war 2

August 21, 2011

Video Awesomeness: Gears of War Edition

To cel­e­brate the upcom­ing release of Gears of War 3 I thought I’d show some videos from one of the 360’s defin­ing series: Gears of War! Now any­one who knows me has heard my utter con­tempt for Gears of War 2 mul­ti­play­er and if I play it I loud­ly voice my frus­tra­tion and dis­con­tent for the mechan­ics in it!!!! Now, that said I do love the cam­paign, the sto­ry is tru­ly “Epic” in every mean­ing of the word and the graph­ics have always screamed NEXT-GEN. So I have high hopes for the 3rd install­ment in the series and judg­ing by the Beta I’m think­ing I’ll get my wish….maybe. Gears of War was released by Epic back on “Emer­gence Day” Novem­ber 7, 2006 the day when on the plan­et Sera, 14 years after the end of the Pen­du­lum Wars (War betweenRead more…

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