April 19, 2010

Moving your WordPress Domain on Godaddy

After hav­ing to migrate my domain from .net to .com I want­ed to say some­thing about the process.  Hav­ing nev­er done this before it was a lot hard­er then it had to be.  That being said I’m going to show you how to do this the easy way.  First off lets start with a cou­ple of assump­tions.  I am assum­ing that both your domains are both host­ed on the SAME account.  Sec­ond assump­tion that I am mak­ing is that your domains are host­ed on Godad­dy.  If both these are true please con­tin­ue.   One oth­er thing to note is that you DO NOT need to get Deluxe host­ing on both domains you only need it on one.  In my case I had Deluxe host­ing on but not on 1.  First thing you should do, if you haven’t already, makeRead more…

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